Facilities / Building Surveyor

Facilities / Building Surveyor required to carryout assessments at various sites accross the UK of all welfare facilities (i.e. offices, meeting rooms, toilets, changing areas, conference rooms etc.) for their condition (i.e. wear of carpets, conditions of walls, leak damages, furniture etc.) and functionality (i.e. how could the area be improved to reduce wear & tear or to improve the productivity of people using the facility. Assessment will be undertaken using a standard assessment scoring matrix, with all observations recorded with photos and commentary

* For each site, rank the facilities (bad to good) in terms of condition and functionality (to be undertaken at the end of each site assessment)

The assessments will be undertaken in the following order
1. Portsmouth
2. Filton
3. Stevenage
4. Broughton
5. Newport

* Facility locations/plans to be provided by FM

* Assessment matrix/scoring sheets and all necessary equipment to be provided by FM

* To manage expectations, they will be guided for the first week

* Transport to the sites will be provided, accommodation costs will be reimbursed.

* Experience required
1. Building surveys
2. Recording data
3. Condition monitoring of workplace facilities
4. Ability to assess the functionality of workspace/environments
5. Architectural background

* Skills
1. Autonomous
2. Self-motivating/manage own time efficiently, and expectations of assessment within the timeframe given
3. Logical mind-set
4. Excellent communicator (written and verbal)
5. Valid driving license
6. Competent to read site plans and navigate