Continuing Airworthiness Management Development Engineer

Continuing Airworthiness Management Development Engineer GLG1X3
As part of the development of UK MOD MRP-compliant Industry support to Military Continuing Airworthiness Managers for aircraft allotted to the Company, continuing airworthiness engineering expertise is sought to provide the following:
1. Assist the development of a Continuing Airworthiness Management strategy, to guide the:
a. Development and sustainment of a Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing CAMO capability, with associated timeline.
b. Development and maintenance of a CAME or equivalent documentation.
c. Identification of CAMO facilities.
d. Identification and sustainment of CAMO organization and skill sets.
e. Identification of training requirements.
2. In accordance with the agreed Continuing Airworthiness Management strategy:
a. Define and deliver a Fixed Wing BDUK CAMO solution.
b. Assist, within capacity, the refinement of existing Rotary Wing CAMO solutions.
c. Assist, within available capacity, the development of new Rotary Wing and Autonomous Systems CAMO solutions.
3. Development and improvement of continuing airworthiness processes including:
a. Engagement with appropriate MilCAM and functional areas to identify and execute improvements to current process.
b. Development of new processes to support continuing airworthiness assurance of allotted aircraft.
c. Engage with MilCAM in the development of joint Industry/MoD processes for the assurance of continuing airworthiness across MoD/Company allotment activity.
4. Guide the development of Continuing Airworthiness Management metrics and appropriate dashboard to assist day to day management, assure 1st time quality and guide continuous improvement activities.
5. Provision of guidance and advice on CAM-related matters to the Part 145 Organisation, CFAOS, Design Organisations and functional areas and leadership.

  • Required competencies:
    Demonstrates the ability to work collaboratively on the planning of work, and develop/use meaningful metrics to evaluate compliance status and provide performance visibility.
  • Able to effectively execute opportunities to improve strategies, processes and project plans.
  • Assist the removal of obstacles by identifying where and what help is needed and coordinating with the appropriate leaders and team members.
  • The candidate should possess strong communication skills, technical competency, and skills with project management concepts/tools.
  • Experience in the application of MAA Military Aviation Authority Regulations and UK MoD airworthiness policies, processes and culture in an aircraft operations environment.
  • Experience in the application of UK MAA, EASA, or FAA Federal Aviation Regulations and other international standards for type certification, continued and continuing airworthiness is extremely desirable.
  • Specific Chinook platform or system experience and product knowledge is highly desired.
  • Previous industry or military service airworthiness engineering experience is essential.

Able to demonstrate knowledge and appropriate experience related to continuing Airworthiness.
Able to demonstrate experience in the application of air safety standards & safe operating practices
A knowledge of MRP Part 145 requirements & procedures
A comprehensive understanding of CFAOS requirements and procedures
A comprehensive knowledge of quality management systems including AS9100