CAD Technician

Job/Person Specification

The successful candidate will be required to apply for and receive a basic disclosure certificate prior to commencement of the contract.
Applications are via: https://www.gov.uk/request-copy-criminal-record at a fee of £25 which will need to be paid by card in full at the end of the application process. The cost of the application is only redeemable from the client once the contractor has started via the expense process.

Working in Portsmouth Mechanical Design Office, responsible for the checking and validation of RF harness designs, specifically waveguides, the successful candidate will be responsible for:

 Performing design checks aligned to supplier specifications.
 Performing dynamic contact, clearance and clash analysis
 Recording and keeping up to date checks in company database
 Producing reports and step files of RF Waveguides to be sent to various suppliers
 Receiving and managing supplier models and drawings and updating the digital mock-up
 Performing and recording checks of supplier data
 Managing the maturity of waveguide designs in Company VPM tool.
 Manage electronic release of associated drawing and data files via Company PDM Tool.
 Liaising with Stress, Thermal, Procurement and engineering teams

Working in a small team (typically up to 8), reporting status to Project Team Leader.

The main work location shall be the Portsmouth Mechanical Design Office, but as necessary and as directed the successful applicant may be required to work on a short term basis in the mechanical design offices in Stevenage or Toulouse. These periods of work shall be covered by the Airbus Defence and Space policies current at the time the work placement is performed.

The standard work period will be in line with Airbus Defence and Space flexi working policies, where overtime or shift working is required these will also be covered by the relevant Airbus Defence and Space policies.

The Successful candidates will have some CAD Experience Ideally with Catia V5 or V6 and experience with VPM and PDM Tools an advantage.