B2 Licensed Engineer

The Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer B2 is responsible to plan, organise and carry out aircraft maintenance in line with air plane maintenance schedule following EASA Part-145 regulations. The Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer B2 is a holder of a valid EASA Part-66 license. He specialises in avionics-instrumentation, electrical and electronic equipment.

Reports: To the Base Maintenance Manager and/or to the Line Maintenance Manager.

Job Accountabilities

  • Carries out avionics maintenance before flight. Issues CRS for base maintenance of aircraft structure as defined on the holder privileges of EASA Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance License and under EASA Part 145 approval Ref.: CY.145.008. capability.
  • Performs troubleshooting, inspections, routine and non-routine maintenance on aircraft, in accordance with applicable technical data and customer maintenance program requirements, within estimated or budgeted hours.
  • Responsible for all maintenance aircraft facilities and company's maintenance policies and schedules based on EASA Part-145 regulations.
  • Ensures the efficient use of materials and other resources associated with aircraft maintenance.
  • Follows the company's Health and Safety Policy to provide a safe working environment without risks.
  • Accurately completes required maintenance-related paperwork.
  • Conducts training with the guidance of the Line or Base Maintenance Manager.
  • Cooperates with the Record Planner to ensure control of maintenance data and documents, namely the aircraft / engine log books, component log.
  • Informs the Line Maintenance Manager and/or the Base Maintenance Manager on weekly performance and progress monitoring on aircraft assigned and report any maintenance requirements.