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Hinkley Point C


Hinkley Point C will not only boost the economy but also further the South West community in more ways than one. In order to deliver major socioeconomic value to the local and wider communities, there will be a large investment into local education and skills development. This aims to equip current and future generations in the South West with the skills they need to take advantage of the opportunities that this project will provide.

For the South West, this catalytic project represents a transformational opportunity for local companies in addition to job creation. It’s said that more than 3,000 Somerset and South West businesses have already registered their interest on the project’s supplier database. For instance, due to the scale of the project, construction workers are set to spend around £8 million a year on meals from local catering supplier, Somerset Larder.

The benefit to the regional economy is now calculated at £200m a year during core construction, resulting in a noticeable ongoing investment in the region’s future. In relation to future employment, around a third of 25,000 job opportunities that will be available are likely to go to people in Somerset. Therefore, although the construction may be finished in ten years’ time, the impact of investment, skills and employment will have a long-term value for decades to come.

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