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The Nuclear Industry Skills Panel


The Nuclear Industry Skills Panel - How do we increase local engagement on nuclear projects?

Morson International, in partnership with the National College for Nuclear are hosting a Nuclear Industry Skills Panel discussion, with the aim of understanding skills challenges from across the nuclear industry, and provide practical solutions.

The panel will comprise of key industry figureheads who will discuss themes effecting the nuclear industry, in particular how to increase local engagement on nuclear projects and the diversification of candidate pools.

The audience will include contractors from across the industry, as well as local suppliers, students, cross sector representatives and third-party organisations, who will have the opportunity to contribute, through direct questions to the panel, after each discussion.

The event will also include presentations to share insights, learnings and best practise from key industry figureheads and the National College for Nuclear. Morson will also be sharing the results from their recent survey into contractor behaviour.

The panel will discuss points such as:

  • What are the perceived obstacles to entering the nuclear industry?
  • How to engage local communities with nuclear projects?
  • How to attract more diverse talent?
  • Training and development of the existing workforce.

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