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Rail Jobs and Transportation



Recently, we have experienced considerable success supporting Balfour Beatty’s Thameslink KO2 project. This £7 billion programme included installing new railway control systems and signalling to support metro-style services, infrastructure, new stations as well as improving the existing ones and lengthening the platforms.  

London Bridge Station was to be completely rebuilt with nine new through platforms. The approach was extensively remodelled, ensuring fewer trains will need to wait outside the platforms to clear, therefore cutting delays.  We were awarded primary supplier status to Balfour Beatty on the Thameslink KO2 project meaning a minimum of 80% of the project labour requirements were to be fulfilled by us. As this was such a high-profile and complex project, with stakeholders including Transport for London, Network Rail, and the Department for Transport, project efficiencies and guaranteed productivity were critical to ensuring the project was completed within the widely publicised track handback dates. 

A real collaborative approach between ourselves and the Principal Contractor encouraged slick reporting lines of communication and responsibility which aided the project. During this lengthy project, a number of key blockades were planned to make the most of station shutdowns around public holidays. Contingency teams, crew buses and drivers were placed on standby to cover for any last-minute changes to our plans. Our blockade plans were formally presented to Balfour Beatty’s senior management at T-4 to uphold the delivery and planning team’s confidence in preparation.