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HR Director Jobs

Searching for senior roles such as HR Director Jobs can sometimes pose difficulties. Often HR Director opportunities are rarely advertised and finding the right one that suits your specific skillset and career goals can take time.

The reason for this scarcity of Director jobs is largely due to high retention rates amongst senior professionals, and the responsibilities that come with the job. This is typically due to sectors, company size and structure. Ultimately people can spend countless hours searching for jobs without ever finding the right position for them.

Often HR Director roles can vary depending on a company's size, structure and business needs, but many senior positions revolve around the day to day organisational development of a company. They can also vary in titles, other positions can often carry the title of Head of HR, HR Business Partner, HR Advisor or Chief Human Resources Officer. However there a number of general responsibilities that are often attributed to role of the HR Director.


HR Strategy

Common duties revolve around the strategic management of the HR department, to ensure it contributes to the overall objectives of the company. This can involve constantly reviewing current operations and HR strategy. Communicating with other departments and senior stakeholders and implementing better suited policies through working closely with the HR team.


Talent aquisition and retention

A vital function that forms part of the HR operations is the recruiting and retention process. Successful talent acquisition, or in other words hiring the right people, is often regarded as THE most important function for many companies. It is the responsibility of the HR Director to ensure that the policies that define the recruitment process lead to successful placement of staff.

The second most important HR function is then keeping the right staff. It is therefore down to the HR Director to put in place policies that create a supportive working environment. One that is going to attract and retain the best talent. This can be done in numerous ways such as training, weekly catch ups, events and career progression opportunities.


Legal and ethical policies

Another central responsibility associated with the role is ensuring a company's operations and policies are in line with legal and ethical standards. These standards can vary depending on the industry, size and infrastructure of a company. So, it is often necessary for the Human Resources Director to constantly review any changes in law. It is just as important they maintain constant supervision over a company's operations, to ensure it is operating legally and ethically. 

The main responsibilities of HR Director jobs can be listed as:

  • Improving HR operations
  • Communicating across departments
  • Delivering senior stakeholder requirements
  • Staff Acquisition and Retention
  • Planning and reinforcement of policies
  • Training and Development
  • People Strategy
  • Performance Management
  • Senior level Human Resources Management 
  • Optimisation of HR operations 



Often HR Director roles require a person to attain a high level of education, such as a Bachelors degree or Masters degree in Human Resources business or an equivalent subject. To achieve a senior HR role, being certified definitely helps. CIPD recognised certification is often a good indicator of expertise. Attaining a high level HR certification such as a CIPD Level 7 Diploma Certificate can often be a basic requirement, especially within larger organisations. 


We can help you become a Director of HR

If you are a HR professional looking to progress your career and become a Director, our experienced team can help you achieve your career goals. Taking the next big step in your career can often be daunting. Progressing to become a Director of Human Resources will certainly pose new challenges and responsibilities. However, with new challenge comes new opportunity.

Our HR recruitment specialists will be on hand to offer advice about our application, profile and CV. They will also provide more information on what to expect when you become a Director of HR. Once you create an account with us, you will gain access to a number of guides and resources. These resources are designed to better your chances of securing your next career. Plus, you will receive news updates on every industry we work with, including HR.


Find HR jobs tailored to you

Finding the right recruiter who is dedicated to sourcing the most suitable jobs is not always an easy task. Many job sites focus on advertising hundreds of jobs. But offer little support to job seekers or fail to understand their specific requirements. 

Vice versa, many recruitment companies have candidates jumping through hoops when it comes to screening them. Making the process of finding a job needlessly long. Professionals working at senior and high levels such as a Director, simply do not have the time to invest in multiple screening interviews and phone calls. 

At Morson we combine modern technology, with traditional candidate engagement practices to ensure a straightforward recruitment process. One which enables us to provide exciting opportunities and jobs tailored to your specific career goals. Our personalised Candidate Portal allows you to upload your CV, track job applications and set customised job search filters, all designed to streamline the application process. Once you have applied for a job, a dedicated recruitment specialist will be assigned to your application and will support you throughout the entire process. 

If you are looking for jobs that are tailored to you, create a free account with us today and set up your personalised job alert. Alternatively, if you are looking or for a part time or full time HR Director to join your organisation, get in touch for more information on 0161 707 1516. 


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