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Hinkley Point

Hinkley Point

With the highly anticipated go-ahead of Hinkley Point C, the industry is now expected to see a surge of employment opportunities for nuclear personnel over the next few years. This project alone is predicted to create around 25,000 jobs, which, coupled with the already growing number of proposed projects in the UK and abroad, means that qualified, experienced and competent nuclear workers are becoming highly sought after. New Hinkley Point jobs will be available across all divisions of nuclear, from design and construction to R&D and waste disposal.

Luckily, at Morson, we already have a wealth of experience sourcing nuclear workers for a diverse spectrum of roles, including even the most niche and technical positions. Our success in searching for such specialised professionals boils down to our extensive knowledge of the industry, and our well-practised nuclear recruitment team.

Our nuclear recruitment division has placed candidates for some of the biggest projects in the country, including Hinkley nuclear plant, Chapelcross and Bradwell, and we’re proud to support the rapidly developing sector of plant decommissioning. Mirroring the changing nuclear outlook, we have continued to extend our offering, bringing even more opportunities to candidates in this sector.

We also understand how interview processes in this sector work and what nuclear employers are looking for in candidates, which means that we’re best placed to help secure Hinkley Point jobs and other nuclear power plants. An unparalleled level of support and an undeniable understanding of the industry is what makes us at Morson different, particularly for those looking to continue their success in nuclear – a rapidly growing and exciting sector.