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Marine Design Engineering

Marine vessel design and naval architecture is a constantly evolving industry. Driven by competitive markets and increasing pressures from environmental regulations, ship designs are rapidly changing. Marine design engineers are leading this evolution, they are at the forefront of marine vessel design and will play an increasingly important role in shaping the future of the marine and shipbuilding industries.

Marine design engineering is unique to similar specialist marine engineering roles as it is typically involved with every component and process of building a ship. From 3D modelling and fabricating the exterior frame - to implementing intelligent combustion engine components, design engineering typically covers every stage of the development process.

Over the last decade technology has played a significant role in the development of marine design engineering. Developments in technologies such as 3D printing have allowed marine design engineers to create and implement more complex and productive components.

Research into new eco-friendly fuels such as nuclear power, hybrid engine technology and solar power has provided design engineers with the knowledge and guidance on how to implement energy efficient solutions. This is all to the benefit of organisations specialising in the marine and shipping industries, making operations quicker, more efficient and meeting regulatory standards.

Main function of the marine design engineer role:

  • Interpreting complex design briefs

  • Researching design solutions

  • Utilise specialist technology to create blueprints of solutions

  • Testing the effectiveness of potential solutions and leveraging cost

  • Analysing data taken from test results

  • Fabricating components / solutions

  • Assist in the implementation of components / solution

  • Monitor performance of new solutions

Marine design and engineering careers 

As the industry is so vast and covers so many different aspects of engineering and design, choosing to specialise in a certain area of expertise is often a good way to secure a design engineer career. The benefit of choosing a career within the marine and shipbuilding industries are design engineers can specialise within a sector without limiting themselves in terms of projects, learning new skills and career progression. The marine sectors are diverse and are made up hundreds of sub-sectors, including exciting sectors such as military and defence, commercial cruise ship and travel and international shipping.

Each sub sector has its own processes, materials, systems and challenges that require design engineers to possess a variety of different skillsets. Demand for skilled design engineers continues to grow as modern fleets are being designed to meet 21stCentury requirements.

Choosing to specialise within the marine and shipbuilding industries can sometimes require design engineers to go through specialised training and qualification programmes that can help progress their careers outside of those industries, including health and safety programmes, naval and marine engineering certifications and government / civil sector clearance.

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