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Marine and Shipbuilding

Marine and Shipbuilding Trades

Marine and Shipbuilding Trades

As the UK's largest provider of Marine and Shipbuilding jobs, we cover a wide range of trades and help people with specialist skills find the right careers. Placing the right professional with the right role is always important, but often in the marine sector it is a vital part of the recruitment process. 

To ensure this we have adapted our recruitment process to place candidates at the centre of everything we do. For over 50 years we have led the way in recruiting within the marine and shipbuilding sectors and understand that specialist practitioners are the backbone of the industry. We work with some of the UK's largest marine and shipbuilding employers to bring the most exciting roles to professionals across the UK. 

Our specialisms cover 15 key trades associated with the marine and shipbuilding sectors:

Mechanical Fitters

As one of the leading marine mechanical fitter recruitment agencies in the UK, we provide specialised and exciting roles to experienced or newly qualified mechanical fitters every day.  Whether you are looking for a long term mechanical fitter career or are seeking more flexible mechanical fitter contract work, we can help find the right role for you.  We cover the major shipping ports located across the UK. So, if you are looking for mechanical fitter jobs in Glasgow, mechanical fitter jobs in Bristol or mechanical fitter jobs in Portsmouth, or other locations across the UK, we can help.


Typically, marine electrician roles require candidates to possess a certain level of training and qualifications. As a specialised branch of the electrical trade, qualified marine electricians typically must attain a Level 3 or higher marine electrician qualifications. Possessing an Electrical Certification Scheme (ECS) card or Level 3 NVQ in Electrical Marine Engineering, is often a standard employer requirement. At Morson we help find career opportunities for electricians working at all levels. Whether you have recently passed your marine electrician apprenticeship or are an experienced practitioner, we can help find exciting marine electrician careers across the UK for you.


 Welding is an integral part of the shipbuilding process, and marine welding jobs can be some of the highest paying welding jobs in the UK. We cover a wide range of marine welding careers, from shipyard welding jobs to pipe welding / pipefitter welder jobs to even underwater welding jobs. For more information about welding careers, get in touch with us today on 0161 707 1516 or email us

Fabricators / Platers

Marine / boat fabrication jobs have always been an integral part of the UK’s maritime / shipping industries. As one of the oldest recognised trades in the UK, ship fabrication jobs and shipbuilding jobs have always been in high demand. As one the UK’s largest technical recruitment agencies specialising in the marine and shipbuilding sectors, we have a wide range of shipbuilding jobs to choose from.

Slingers / Riggers

At Morson we work with some of the largest marine and shipping companies in some of the busiest ports and shipyards across the UK. We provide exciting ship rigger jobs and slinger signaller jobs on specialist fleet ships and submarines to qualified professionals. Whether you have specialist experience as a shipyard rigger or are trained as a ship slinger, we can help you find your next career.


Becoming a specialist marine / ship joiner can hold great opportunities for career progression and salary increases. Compared to other joinery / carpentry jobs, ship carpenter jobs or joinery jobs allow people to develop their skills quickly through working on large-scale and often complex projects. Salary expectations are often higher than similar non-marine joinery jobs and practitioners acquire a more specialised transferable skillset. Marine joiner jobs also provide unique opportunities, working on submarines or cruise ships for example provide practitioners with a chance to travel. Whilst on land, shipyard joinery jobs can help practitioners gain important health and safety qualifications.

NDT Engineers

Non-Destructive Testing is a highly skilled trade in any sector, whether it be electrical, construction or marine. NDT marine engineering is a specialised sub-trade of the overall NDT profession and requires trade practitioners to possess a specialised set of skills and qualifications. At Morson we work with qualified NDT Engineers working at all levels, from newly qualified to senior practitioners, and help them find NDT Engineer vacancies tailored to their skillsets and aspirations.

Health Physics Monitors

 As a highly skilled and important profession, placing the right Health Physics Monitors with the right role requires a deep understanding of the individual demands of the role and a candidate’s skillset, experience and aspirations. Marine health physics careers often require a professional to possess a unique skillset specific to the marine and shipping sector. At Morson we work with our candidates to understand their skillsets and career aspirations, we then identify potential roles that meet their criteria and support them when it comes to the application process. All to ensure they have the best possible chance of finding the right career.


Involved with the installation, fabrication, assembly and repair of ship piping systems, pipefitters are integral to the marine and shipping industry. The title of Journeyman pipefitter is most commonly associated with the marine sector and carries its own unique set of skills and requirements.  Marine pipefitter jobs and pipefitter welding jobs are some of the most highly skilled areas of the overall trade and can be a great way to learn new skills and develop your career.


Marine painting jobs are a specialist sector of the painting trade. Unlike many other painting and decorator jobs, ship painting jobs often require practitioners to go through a training process and in some cases earn qualifications through apprenticeships. Specialist marine painter responsibilities can change depending on the type of project. General shipyard painter jobs are a great way to learn the basics of marine painting and develop new skills to help progress you career.

Sheet Metal / Steel Workers

Sheet metal / steel jobs are an integral aspect of the fabrication and repair process of marine vessels. From civilian to commercial boats, cruise ships to submarines the sheet metal trade has for years benefitted and helped develop the way in which marine vessels are built. For sheet metal / steel practitioners working on large-scale commercial projects or military and defence projects, there is always opportunity to develop and progress quickly within their careers. Demand for skilled sheet metal workers on marine projects is always high, which means salary expectations within the marine sheet and steel metal working sectors are typically higher than other sectors of the trade.


Ancillary staff can be a vital component of any marine and shipbuilding project. The often-complex processes involved with completing a marine building project requires additional, specialist support. Marine ancillary staff can be involved with any process of the fabrication, operation or decommissioning processes involved with marine vessels. Each process and project may require an ancillary support staff to possess specialist skillsets and experience. At Morson we specialise in sourcing the right jobs for the right professionals, for over 50 years we have provided marine careers for people working in almost every trade, including ancillary and support.


Involved with the joining and sealing of a ship’s components, caulkers have one of the most important responsibilities involved in the shipbuilding process. Within the marine caulker trade itself there are many different roles that require different skillsets and responsibilities. For example, working on a submarine build requires a caulker to work with different materials compared to a commercial cruise ship build. Similarly, some projects may require a caulker practitioner to have a high level of experience with the internal sealing of pipework, whilst other projects may require an external caulker to secure the outside of the vessel. Finding the right marine caulker job that matches your specific skillset is important to ensure a successful career.


 Marine logistics jobs pose huge opportunities for professionals working within the trade. The complexities of managing and strategizing a constantly moving fleet requires a highly qualified level of experience and skillset. Because of the complex nature of the role, maritime logistics careers often pose significant benefits for logistics professionals. Salaries are typically higher than average for similar on-land roles and career progression can be attained through managing larger commercial fleets. At Morson we recruit on behalf of some of the largest shipping companies in the UK, this allows us to source some of the world’s most exciting marine logistics jobs for our candidates.

If you are professional with expertise in any of these trades listed above or are a newly qualified practitioner hoping to start your career, we can help find the right job for you. For information about the jobs we provide please call us on 0161 707 1516 or email our specialist Marine and Shipbuilding recruiters

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