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Digital Architecture

What is Digital Architecture?

There are commonly two ways to define digital architecture, the easy way or the hard way. The easy way basically defines it as a digital form of architectural design that streamlines processes. Think of a company as a building. The digital processes are the frame structure and the digital elements are the bricks. A digital architect will construct the digital design of the 'building' to ensure a stable and efficient structure.

Digital processes refer to the way in which the digital elements interact with each other, e.g. how a client information database is accessed by the sales team. The digital elements are typically any piece of technology that functions digitally i.e. eCommerce or CRM systems, websites and apps. As part of the digital technology team, it is the central responsibility of the architect to provide business solutions from a digital perspective. This is where the more complicated definition comes in.

Types of Digital Architecture

The delivery of digital solutions can refer to a number of different processes. These processes can be implemented throughout an entire organisation, typically known as Digital Enterprise Architecture. Or to targeted departments, commonly referred to as Digital Micro Architecture. Both methods however, are aimed at optimising the way in which companies interact with and utilise their digital assets.

The implementation of intelligent architecture ensures that every digital asset is functioning and communicating with other areas of the company. Subsequently contributing to the overall operational structure and performance. One central KPI digital architects work towards is improving the speed of a company’s operations.

In today's digital age, the winner is usually the one who can supply the quickest.

Well formulated digital architecture will always aim to improve speed and efficiency. This can be achieved through multiple different digital assets and processes. For example, a large online shop could utilise digital architecture to streamline the buying and delivering process. Automation and well connected digital assets could dramatically shorten the time in which it takes somebody to buy a product online - and from them receiving it in the post. In turn strengthening brand loyalty and increasing revenue.

Micro Architecture

Micro architecture is a more agile form of data architecture that provides solutions to specific areas of an organisation. This could be the technical sales and delivery of products or the improvement of customer experience. Micro architecture can often require a successful candidate to possess a specific skill set. Often a micro architecture specialist can work on a consultancy basis on a fixed term month contract. This is often the best method when approaching smaller projects.

Because of the different areas of specialisms associated with micro architecture, the job titles of digital architects can often vary. A digital security architect, for example specialises in strengthening and optimising a company's digital security systems. Often, they will work agilely on a project to project basis, for a fixed period of time. A more general example could be a solution architect. Typically, a solutions architect possesses a broad range of architectural skills. Companies will employ a solution architect to join the digital team full time to assist in the consistent improving of different areas of an organisation.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture is the most common method of providing digital solutions to large scale projects. Large scale digital projects are often carried out through an entire organisation. An example of this would be a digital transformation. As the digital landscape continues to grow, a growing number of companies are completely stripping and remodelling their organisation. to accommodate developments in digital technology.

Implementing a successful digital transformation can be a crucial point in a company’s development. Utilising new digital technology to improve infrastructure can often require an experienced digital architect to collaboratively work within the digital team. A full digital transformation is typically more than just using new technology. It requires a company to change its culture and employ the right people to ensure a full transformation is understood throughout the entire company.

Is there a need for Digital Architecture Recruiters?

Hiring the right digital architect for you company can often present difficulties. Finding the right professional with the right skill set can be a painstakingly long process. Especially when the scope of work is not fully understood. Additionally, the digital employment market is currently experiencing a demand over supply boom.

As more companies start to realise the benefits of implementing digital architecture, demand for skilled professionals who can facilitate the work will likely grow. Currently within the employment market, there is a clear difficulty in accessing individual candidates who are actively seeking work. As a result, more companies are choosing to work with digital architecture recruiters. Working with a recruiter typically saves time and resources in attracting the right candidate.

At Morson we have recognised this growing demand for talented digital talent. Over the last few years we have incorporated a dedicated team of IT and digital recruitment experts. Each member of the team brings different specialisms to the table and have assisted in the development of some of the UK's largest projects. We don't believe in off the shelf recruitment. Instead we work hard to build strong relations with every one of our clients so that we can understand their specific requirements, then tailor our candidate attraction and screening processes based on their needs.

If you are thinking of undertaking a digital architecture project or would like to find out more about how our recruiters can help you, get in touch with us today on 0161 707 1516.


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