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HR Jobs

At Morson we regularly recruit on behalf of some of the world’s biggest companies and projects, which in turn enables us to provide our candidates with the most exciting contract and full time HR jobs across the UK and internationally. 


Morson: One of the UK's leading providers of HR jobs

At Morson we regularly recruit on behalf of some of the world’s biggest companies and projects, which in turn enables us to provide our candidates with the most exciting contract and full time HR jobs across the UK and internationally.

We understand that HR is the backbone to any company, no matter how big or how small, and matching the right HR jobs with the right candidates requires an understanding of what the candidate is looking for, and what the role requires.

We are guided by over 50 years’ experience in recruiting for professional services jobs and much more, but our friendly approach to helping our candidates secure their next career has never changed.  

We facilitate HR jobs at every level

From entry level to senior roles, we specialise in providing jobs for HR professionals working at every level. Our nationwide network of recruiters brings a wide range of expertise to the table and work hard to understand the requirements of our candidates.

We provide more than just jobs. Our network of recruitment specialists provide support, learning and development materials and specialist career advice. All aimed at helping our candidates progress further within their careers.

Whether you’re an experienced professional determined to progress your career, or a recent graduate hoping to start your professional journey, we can help find the right jobs for you.  

Roles we cover:

  • Hr Director

  • HR Manager

  • Head of HR

  • HR Service Provider

  • Senior HR Advisor

  • HR Business Partner / Assistant HR Business Partner

  • HR Consultant

  • HR Administrator

  • Chief People Officer

Find exclusive opportunities

Our core sectors cover an expansive range of industries such as: power, nuclear, energy, engineering, food & drink manufacturing, not for profit organisations and much more, which enables us to continually provide our candidates with exclusive and exciting part time and full time HR jobs located across the UK and abroad.

We provide contract and full time HR jobs

We aim to provide every candidate we help with an equal opportunity to find flexible work that suits their circumstances. We work with full time employers and on nationwide projects to bring exclusive contract and full time HR jobs to professionals across the UK.

Discover HR jobs with Morson

Discover a wide range of jobs easily by browsing the Morson website, sign up for personalised job alerts sent directly to your email and apply for jobs with the click of a button. From your Morson account you will have access to a range of materials all designed to improve your employment chances and discover opportunities.

Discover HR Jobs with Morson

News, jobs and more

We create content that we know matters to our candidates, from CV and interview tips to quiz's and competitions. As a registered candidate you will able to sign up for personalised job alerts that will be sent directly to your chosen email address. So you will never miss an opportunity again.

Ourprofessional services blogis full of tips and the latest industry news. Topics cover anything from the latest 'Business Culture Trends' to gender diversity and mental health in the workplace.

More than just a recruiter

We go further than simply sourcing CV's, we dedicate our time to truly understanding what it is our clients are looking for. We do this by engaging with our clients on a level where trust and collaboration can grow. We align our goals with our client's then tailor our candidate attraction and screening processes around those goals.

Looking to recruit a HR professional?

Our dedicated Human Resources recruitment team provide a full candidate attraction and screening process. The team is guided by years of experience recruiting within the professional services and people management sectors. If you are looking for an highly motivated candidate or an experienced HR professional to support your HR team,get in touch with us today.

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The industry is in the middle of a strategic revolution, so there's never been a better time to discuss HR and professional services. 

Read about current business culture trends, industry issues and technology in our dedicated blog.

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