Building, Construction and Infrastructure



As the world embraces new technologies, one area that’s changing to make use of fresh skills and innovative equipment is construction – an industry of continuous advancement. To assist with a growing population and adapt to the changing needs of society, personnel are sought after to fill an increasing number of positions in the sector.

At Morson, one of the many construction roles we are looking to fill is draughtsman jobs. Talented, experienced and reliable construction draughtsmen are desired to assist with a variety of projects, working for some of the country’s leading building organisations.

Construction draughtsmen are similar to CAD design engineers, specialising in technical plans and drawings. Preferred engineers are those with up-to-date industry knowledge, project management skills - to oversee every stage of the process from initial idea to fabrication – and great communicators, to liaise with staff at all levels.

For a construction draughtsman looking for work, many attributes set us at Morson apart from other recruitment companies. We are a powerful partner in construction, which is proven in our knowledge of the sector. Moving with the times, employing dedicated staff and offering unique candidate support has enabled us to keep on top in an industry continuously evolving, remaining at its forefront.

Our specialist construction, building and infrastructure recruitment division has been placing candidates into new positions for over 40 years and continues to take a personal, straightforward and highly successful approach that streamlines the entire process, offering a stress-free job search and easy transition into your new role.