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Aerospace Electronics Engineering

​Modern aerospace systems rely heavily on electronics and avionics which is why Aerospace Electronics Engineering jobs are in high demand. Aerospace Electronics Engineers work on the electronic systems within the aircraft which include communications, navigation, display systems and many more.

The sector is continuingly growing with demand placed on making a more autonomous, more electric aircraft. Morson recruits for a range of Aerospace Electronics Engineering jobs within this exciting sector.

At Morson, we pride ourselves on our involvement with some of the world’s most prominent aerospace and defence organisations, having developed good working relationships with companies that are running many of the most exciting aerospace projects the industry has to offer.

Our specialist recruitment teams have a proven track record of being able to locate and successfully place talent across the full lifecycle of aviation and aerospace projects, from the initial design, test and validation stages through to the manufacturing, production and delivery phases. From our extensive candidate talent pool, we are able to source personnel who have vast skill sets, enabling us to recruit individuals that can support the components of each technical area across land, sea and air platforms.

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Thales Software Design Authority Enterprise Architect, Maneesha Bhate

"Turning my back on medicine was a big decision" - Maneesha Bhate, Software Design Authority Enterprise Architect

Firmly set on a career in medicine, it was only when volunteering at a local hospital that Maneesha Bhate realised it wasn’t her destined...

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electric air taxi concept

Hyundai and Uber Reveal Electric Air Taxi Concept

INDUSTRY NEWS | 3 MIN READ Hyundai has announced that they will develop an electric vertical take-off and landing air taxi as part of the...

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Boeing Rolls Out Largest Rocket Since Apollo

INDUSTRY NEWS | 3 MIN READ Last week Boeing delivered the core stage of NASA’s first Space Launch System (SLS) deep space exploration roc...

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the world’s first all-electric flight

The world’s first all-electric flight takes off in Canada

    AEROSPACE NEWS | 3 MIN READ An all-electric powered seaplane has taken flight in Vancouver, Canada, in what the operators de...

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Air Canada Plane

Air Canada retires Boeing 767 after an amazing 139,000 hours of flight

    INDUSTRY NEWS | 3 MIN READ Air Canada retires a long-serving fleet aircraft after more than 30 years of service Plus...

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Pexels Mike 110844

Brain chemical could help solve weight issues for electric vehicles

    INDUSTRY NEWS | 3 MIN READ Biologically inspired composites are being used in electrodes batteries to help reduce weight for...

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