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Mechanical Aerospace Inspection

Mechanical Aerospace Inspection

Aviation and aerospace as an industry has evolved over the past decade, leading the way for bigger, quicker and more powerful aircraft, in both civilian and military operations. Although elements of the sector have changed, the need for aerospace inspectors to examine aircraft has not. At Morson, we have placed candidates in mechanical inspector jobs for a large selection of clients for many years, and are proud to assist with some of the biggest projects in the aviation industry.

We understand the immensity of this sector and the various areas that make up aviation, from planning and design of aircraft right through to manufacturing, inspection and delivery. This dynamic sector has a vast offering of opportunities, from engineering to aviation quality, and we fully understand this, tailoring our approach to each phase. Our knowledge of this industry is proven in the arrangement of our specialist aviation and aerospace recruitment division. We have five separate departments, where our expert recruiters in each have unbeaten knowledge of the industry, and can fully assist with extensive job searches in their specific field.

The five departments that make up our aviation and aerospace recruitment division are:

  • Systems and software
  • Design and analysis
  • Manufacturing and production
  • MRO
  • Professional services

Alongside this precise, unique and specialist approach to recruitment in aerospace, for plane inspectors, we understand what the role entails and more importantly, the traits and skill-sets that employers are often looking for. All of this is thanks to our experience in recruiting for these positions and our dedication in keeping up-to-date with industry developments. For mechanical aerospace inspectors, there are often opportunities internationally, which we can provide assistance for, such as help with relocation, working abroad legislation and security checks. This guidance for aerospace personnel is what makes us at Morson different, and what can minimise the stress often associated with searching, applying and beginning a new position.