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Commercial Aviation

Airline and commercial pilots fly and navigate aeroplanes, helicopters, and other aircraft. Airline pilots fly for airlines that transport people and cargo on a fixed schedule, whereas commercial pilots fly aircraft for other reasons. These reasons could be for rescue operations, aerial photography, firefighting, or for aerial application of agricultural materials.

Commercial pilots employed by charter companies usually have many more non-flight duties than airline pilots have. For example, commercial pilots may have to schedule flights, arrange maintenance of the plane, and load certain items of luggage themselves.

At Morson, we pride ourselves on our involvement with some of the world’s most prominent aerospace and defence organisations, having developed good working relationships with companies that are running many of the most exciting aerospace projects the industry has to offer.

Our specialist recruitment teams have a proven track record of being able to locate and successfully place talent across the full lifecycle of aviation and aerospace projects, from the initial design, test and validation stages through to the manufacturing, production and delivery phases. From our extensive candidate talent pool, we are able to source personnel who have vast skill sets, enabling us to recruit individuals that can support the components of each technical area across land, sea and air platforms.

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