Online Timesheet System

 Adopting a new process can sometimes bring teething problems, but with Morson’s OLTS system, it was brilliant from day one. Easy to use and quick to implement”. Claire Mills, Production Assistant for Red Bull Technology Ltd

Morson’s online timesheet system (OLTS) allows contractors to process timesheets electronically, where clients have opted in to do so. Where clients do not make use of the OLTS, contractors can upload scanned paper timesheets for electronic transfer using MorsonOnline.

The new paperless system will help save time, reduce errors and give the client full control of the payroll process.

How it works
1. Each contractor is given a unique ID and login
2. The contractor completes and submits the timesheet online > At this point an automated email is instantly sent to the approver for sign off
3. The approver signs off > At this point the approved timesheet is transferred to the payroll system
4. The payment is made to the contractor when payroll is processed


OLTS has proved to be an efficient way to provide substantiation data for audits. No need to print reams of individual timesheet copies, which is also more environmentally friendly”.Emma Juby, Contract Support Officer for EDF Energy’s Nuclear Technology Branch

Key benefits

  • Once timesheet has been submitted, a contractor will not be able to amend the timesheet.
  • Contractors will have the option to send an amended timesheet. This raises an automated email, which is sent to approvers of timesheet for sign off.
  • Any issues with timesheets on the OLTS system are dealt with before they are approved.
  • Timesheets on the OLTS system will not be loaded if the booking is not live or has an end date.
  • Approvers can track process of payments.
  • Reduces errors in payment and saves time for all key stakeholders.

For information on how to register and login to MorsonOnline, please contact your Morson account director. Alternatively contact the OLTS helpline on: T: +44 (0) 161 707 1516 or E:

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