Blended Solution

The principle of the Blended Solution is the engagement of a ‘best in class’ service programme, which combines Morson’s managed service expertise with the delivery capability of the market’s best providers. Morson’s blended solution has evolved instinctively and proactively to support organisations with extensive recruitment requirements, across multiple sectors and/or disciplines.

Through the combination of a dedicated team of account coordinators and bespoke, scalable technology, the programme delivers a single transactional touch point, where resourcing and workforce management activity is delivered by a qualified supply chain of staffing providers. Staffing providers can be appointed in either a Master Vendor or Preferred Supplier capacity, ensuring that the best possible suppliers are active and motivated within each business or geographical area.

Typical Blended Solutions ModelBMS

The Blended Solution is a cohesive arrangement that brings together the best suppliers in the market and motivates them to deliver true value across the project. The service delivers a broad range of features and advantages including:

  • Single transactional touch point
  • Broad access to talent through best in class providers
  • Cohesive supply chain arrangement
  • No conflict of interest
  • Management platform
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