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Our employees are our most important asset, being the drivers of profitability, growth and performance within the business. If you choose a career with Morson you will benefit from a strong support network that offers learning and development opportunities, encourages career progression and provides access to training and bonus schemes. The Morson Group is an equal opportunities employer and champions a diverse and inclusive work force.

Whether you want to join one of the UK’s No.1 Technical recruitment teams, become part of our extensive support services network or join our engineering teams, please click on our jobs tab or contact us directly at talentacquisition@morson.com

“When I founded Morson I never set any targets, just the burning ambition to be the best in our sector, trusting that passion and ambition, coupled with integrity would be the driving force for success. I am very proud of where the company is today and more importantly of the people in the company, who have helped and who continue to help to retain our market leader position. There is no finish line and that is the challenge.” ​Gerry Mason - Founder of Morson Group | 1938 - 2015​​​

Morson was founded in 1969 by Gerry Mason, the father of our current CEO Ged Mason in the family home in Eccles, just a short distance away from the site of our current headquarters. The company began in modest premises - the office was just a desk under the stairs in the Mason home. The first placement the company made was a structural engineer to ICI in Runcorn, Cheshire. Before long, Morson was beginning to make a mark in the sector providing skilled engineers, designers and draughtsmen on temporary placements across many different industries. 

In 1986 Gerry's son Ged joined the business. In 1999, Gerry retired from the day-to-day running of the business and became non-executive chairman. His son Ged took over the role of managing director. In 2005 he became CEO, with business development director Dr Kevin Gorton taking over as managing director. 

In 2010 Morson moved to a brand new purpose-built head office building on the edge of Eccles, our current home. In 2013, the Group acquired Vital Human Resources Ltd. In June 2015, founder of the Morson Group, Gerry Mason, passed away at the age of 77. In late 2017, Morson further strengthened our presence in IT recruitment with the acquisition of Leeds-based company The Bridge (IT Recruitment). A further acquisition in January 2018 saw our presence expand in North America with the acquisition of CTSNA and Anderselite.

Our 50 year heritage

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    1969 | Morson is founded in a cupboard under the stairs

    After returning from Canada with his young family, Gerry Mason founded Morson in the family home in Eccles.

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    1970 | A first office at Bank Chambers

    In 1970, the fledgling Morson, then called J.Morson & Co, moved to the first office at Bank Chambers, Church Street, Eccles.

    Pauline Hassall becomes the first employee for the business, with tasks ranging from bookkeeping, answering the phone, typing and post! 

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    1979 | Morson moves to Clarendon Road

    With the business expanding every year and taking on new recruitment and design staff, the business moved around to corner to a new premises on Clarendon Road. 

    This would be the home of Morson for the entire decade. 

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    1979 | Morson Projects founded

    Around the same time as the Clarendon Road move, Morson Projects is founded. A year later, Morson would take on its first ever engineering apprentice, Steve Seddon.

    Steve remains at the company to this day, working as Client Services Director.

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    1986 | Ged Mason joins the business

    After completing his degree in business and spending time working in Canada for recruitment company Roan International, Gerry’s son Ged joined his father’s business in 1986.

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    1990 | Stableford Hall

    In 1990, Morson once again moved offices after a decade of further growth. The new office, Stableford Hall, sat adjacent to Worsley Golf Course and provided the business with space to expand and develop the teams.

    In 1991, Finance Director Paul Gilmour joined the business.

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    1995 | Group turnover surpasses £50million

    In 1995, current Managing Director Kevin Gorton joined the business as Business Development Director. 

    At this time, Group turnover surpassed £50million.

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    1999 | Gerry Mason retires

    Gerry Mason retires from the day-to-day running of the business, but retains his position on the board as Non-Executive Chairman.

    Ged Mason takes up his father’s position as Managing Director. 

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    2006 | Stock market flotation

    In 2006, Morson floated on the stock exchange. The same year, Morson also purchases its first acquisition, Bluetec in London and opens a new office in partnership with Airbus UK in Birmingham.

    With a turnover now surpassing £300million, Morson continues its acquisition strategy with the purchases of Westbury, White & Nunn, Pentagon Personnel, Rosta and CTS.

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    2010 | Adamson House

    Morson officially move into brand new, state of the art premises on the Manchester Ship Canal, just a 10 minute walk from the original office at Bank Chambers. It’s opened by local artist Harold Riley and Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

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    2015 | Gerry Mason passes away

    In July 2015, founder Gerry Mason passes away.

    Over the next few years, the Group capability extends with the acquisitions of The Bridge IT Recruitment, CTSNA in the United States, and Anderselite.

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    2019 | A record-breaking 50th year

    In 2019, the business celebrates 50 years in business with a star-studded party for employees in Cheshire. 

    Group turnover surpasses £866million


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