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Morson International work with some of the biggest and most innovative businesses. We believe that a happy workforce is a productive workforce, that’s why we only recruit the best fitting candidates for temporary and permanent recruitment requirements.

In return we ensure that our candidates are provided with a comprehensive candidate care offering.

Services we offer:

  • Compliance and Legislation - We share useful links to tools for our candidates.
  • Contractor Care - Our contractor care team provides contractors with full candidate support. Contact the team at contractorcare@morson.com
  • CV and Interview Tips - We share useful tips and tools for our candidates.
  • International Mobilisation - Our mobilisation and demobilisation cycle ensures our candidates have 24 hour support and care. 
  • Online Timesheet System - This paperless system helps save time, reduce errors and gives the client and candidate full transparency.

We provide interview and job searching tips through our blog and videos to help our candidates navigate their careers and land their ideal jobs. Our Work Safe, Home Safe initiative sees our commitment to our candidates and clients for promoting health and safety best practices.


The Contractor Care Team

We have dedicated candidate services support teams, based at Morson International’s UK head office, focused on providing a full support package to all temporary and permanent candidates across the Morson talent pool. Our Contractor Care team is on hand to help with anything from payroll advice and services, to time sheet logging. Our experts provide assistance with UK and overseas legislation, our teams ensure that our candidates have access to everything they need to fully equip them for success in a new role.

Candidate Advice

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    Daniela's London Underground Journey | Morson Canning Town

    MORSON BLOG | 3 MIN READ Daniela has worked on the London Underground for over 14 years She talks to Morson about being a woman in a typically male-dominated industry (function () { var e = document.createElement('script'); e.type = 'text/javascript'; e.async = true; e.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https' : 'http') + '://btn.createsend1.com/js/sb.min.js?v=3'; e.className = 'createsend-script'; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(e, s); })(); When most people are settling in to sleep for the night, teams all across the London Underground are preparing for their shifts working through the night. We spoke to one of Morson's Canning Town staff about how she ended up working in the industry. Daniela Halacheva has worked night shifts on the London Underground for over 14 years. She has recently been given the responsibility of looking after the female work placements during their introductory night shifts on the London Underground as part of the Transport For London Women Into Technology and Engineering programme. Morson was invited to be part of the programme after winning the TfL Supplier Award for Best Apprenticeship 2018. She speaks to Morson about how she ended up working in a male-dominated industry, and how she has made her mark. “I saw the ad in the newspaper looking for night workers and that was what I was looking for so I went for it. I was thinking in my head back then that it would be something for a year or two maybe, but I’ve been doing this job 14 years now.” Working on the London Underground on the night shift might not sound like the ideal job for someone like Daniela with a young child, but she stresses the benefits of the role: “It’s a very good job if you’ve got the right attitude. It’s not easy, but if you’ve got the right attitude towards the job and the duties you have you’ll succeed.” After undergoing training, Daniela became Protection Master. This safety-critical role involved liaising with the site leader to ensure safe working on site, implementing and adhering to stringent health and safety regulations. Safety guidelines are constantly evolving on the London Underground and are altered based on changing conditions and in the event on any incident. “If something happens out there, they will add on things to make it safer, be that equipment or procedures and I like that. We go by certain books, and if it’s not written in the book you should not really be doing it. Shortcuts don’t necessarily mean good things. Yes you might get a little more work done, but is it safe? Shortcuts usually lead to mistakes and incidents. This is why I say, if it’s in the book, go by the book. It should not be taken lightly. Obviously, all the training we do here is by LU standards, so you can’t really deviate. We’re not writing history here, we’re just passing on the knowledge.” Daniela recognises that the rail industry as a whole is maledominated, though during her 14 years of service has seen a lot more women being attracted to the role. As a woman, she has been ideally placed to impart her knowledge onto the WiTnE placement students. “It’s harder for women to integrate into the industry but more and more women are getting into it – technical officers and project engineers/ When I started there were not that many women so you’re barely ever going to see someone like you. It was quite daunting at first. My first ever briefing as a Protection Master was in front of 60 guys! But a lot of people would find that hard. There are guys that might have worked in a gang for two, five years. But when they’re in the limelight giving their first briefing they do feel nervous." Find out more about what Morson is doing to improve diversity across industry here

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    Morson Shortlisted for FIRM Award With Manchester Airport Group

    MORSON NEWS | 3 MIN READ Morson shortlisted alongside MAG for Best Supplier Partnership Morson signed new three year contract with MAG in 2018 Morson is delighted to be shortlisted alongside Manchester Airport Group (MAG) in the FIRM Awards in the category of Best Supplier Partnership. With over 8,800 members globally, the Forum for In-House Recruitment Managers (FIRM) are the leading global membership organisation for talent acquisition professionals and provides tactical and strategic insight and support. Manchester Airports Group (MAG) owns and operates Manchester, London Stansted and East Midlands Airports. It jets 59 million+ passengers to more than 250 destinations each year and as the largest UK owned airport operator, it contributes more than £7bn to the country’s economy, supporting more than 130,000 supply chain jobs. In October 2018, Morson International was reappointed by MAG to lead the recruitment of all interim staff across its three airports for a further three years after filling 750 vacancies over the last four years; including engineering, HR, procurement, digital and more. In order to remove inefficiencies and streamline the fragmented nature of the in-house recruitment process, Morson proposed the full-time deployment of experienced and appropriately skilled resource on MAG’s own site to ensure successful delivery, thus becoming a true extension of the business. The months and years that followed saw Morson embed in the new recruitment model, build relationships with hiring managers as well as refine and deliver consistent, quality service and streamline MAG’s tier 2 supply. Moving forwards, Morson have been tasked in delivering ongoing cost efficiencies, added value and strengthening the brand’s EVP. Testimonials from MAG praised Morson’s flexible, agile service delivery of a bespoke solution, as well as understanding the culture at the business while creating huge cost savings. Other testimonies highlighted Morson’s ability to work with MAG as they went through a number of operating and process changes, championing and supporting those changes. The FIRM award finalists are announced at an event on Thursday 21st March 2019 in London.

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    Spotting the Signs of Mental Illness | Safety Matters

    MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS | 3 MIN READ We take a look at how Morson is educating the business on spotting the signs and symptoms of mental illness We hear from Russell Kimble, mental health first aider and Night Operations Manager/HSQE Adviser at Morson International, as he discusses his own experience with mental illness Read the latest mental health stats, published in the Winter edition of Safety Matters (function () { var e = document.createElement('script'); e.type = 'text/javascript'; e.async = true; e.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https' : 'http') + '://btn.createsend1.com/js/sb.min.js?v=3'; e.className = 'createsend-script'; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(e, s); })(); If we are to break down the stigma surrounding mental health and support our staff, including our contractors, in coming forward to talk about their own issues, then we must first understand how to spot the signs and symptoms. In addition to counselling services, stress management and support managing workplace pressures and workloads, we are training an increasing amount of staff across the Group in becoming ‘mental health first aiders’, with the aim of having multiple trained operatives located across each of our key regions over the coming months. The programme and its wider rollout is being led by mental health first aider and night operations manager/HSQE adviser at Morson International, Russell Kimble. He explains: “This programme establishes first aiders as touch points for anyone struggling and in need of support so that we can manage mental health in every corner of what we do. “The training equips our mental health first aiders with the knowledge to recognise subtle changes in behaviour and the skills and confidence to approach individuals, intervene and listen, and then signpost them towards appropriate support because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all when it comes to mental health. “I’ve been through my own struggles with mental illness after an abscess turned into me being rushed into intensive care and put in an induced coma for more than three weeks after contracting necrotising fasciitis; a flesh-eating disease that kills off the body’s soft tissue. After dozens of operations and months spent in hospital, I struggled with my own deteriorating mental health once I returned home.” “I don’t know if I’ll ever fully come to terms with what I’ve been through, but if we as mental health first aiders help even just one person within the business, then we’ve succeeded.” If you’re struggling with a mental health issue and would like to speak to someone and seek support, you can contact the Samaritans’ free helpline number 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by calling 116 123. Morson has released a mental health whitepaper which includes more insights from our contractor survey supported by powerful personal stories of our own employees and ex-Morson sponsored boxer Ricky Hatton. Click below to download.

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    Morson Sponsor 'F1 In Schools' Blackout Team

    MORSON NEWS | 3 MIN READ Morson sponsor school teams' 'F1 in Schools' competition car UK finals took place in Chester in March 2019 (function () { var e = document.createElement('script'); e.type = 'text/javascript'; e.async = true; e.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https' : 'http') + '://btn.createsend1.com/js/sb.min.js?v=3'; e.className = 'createsend-script'; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(e, s); })(); Morson was proud to sponsor Sprowston Community Academy’s team in the recent ‘F1 in Schools’ STEM challenge competition. The Norwich-based team, Morson Blackout, comprised of three A-level students, studying a variety of STEM subjects at the school. The team took part in the F1 in Schools 2019 National Finals at the Airbus A380 Wing Factory in Chester. F1 in Schools is a not-for-profit social enterprise working with committed industry partners to provide an exciting and challenging educational experience by harnessing the appeal of Formula One, thereby working to encourage the next generation of engineers. It aims to target students between the ages of 9 and 19. Throughout the competition, students are tasked with designing, manufacturing, testing and racing miniature compressed air powered cars across the categories of Development and Professional. The cars were judged on design, research & development, the display and their written/verbal presentation skills. The top three teams for each category go on to the world finals later in the year. Morson Blackout were delighted to win the award for Best Display in the Professional category at the event. Unfortunately, like a number of teams who entered, the team were excluded from the Fastest Car award due to having wheels that were 0.02mm too small. A large emphasis is put on elements aside from speed, with the ultimate winners ultimately finishing 5th in terms of race time. Despite the setback, the team enjoyed the experience. George Winter, who studies Maths, Physics, Georgraphy and Product Design for A-Levels, said “As a team of three it’s quite challenging. We tend to bicker quite a bit on decisions, but we get through it and we have quite a bit of fun because we’re all friends.” Mike Browne, Account Manager at Morson International, said “This was our first year as full sponsors and we look forward to utilizing our reach and expertise to assist the school in future years. Connor, Mike and George were a credit to their school and special thanks should be given to their teachers, Neil and Graham, who gave up their valuable time to mentor and educate the team.” Morson are dedicated to helping develop the next generation of engineers. As well as sponsoring projects like Morson Blackout and the ProtoEV go-karting challenge, the Gerry Mason Engineering Excellence Scholarships were set up in 2015. Named in memory of Morson’s founder, the scholarships are based out of the University of Salford and are awarded to the brightest and best young engineering talent, irrespective of background. Looking for a job in automotive? Click here to see our available jobs

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    How to Stand Out from the Crowd in a Group Interview | Group Interview Tips

    CAREER ADVICE | 4 MIN READ Read our top tips on how to stand out from the crowd in a group interview Visit our career advice hub to read tips on everything from how to work with recruiters to writing your cover letter (function () { var e = document.createElement('script'); e.type = 'text/javascript'; e.async = true; e.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https' : 'http') + '://btn.createsend1.com/js/sb.min.js?v=3'; e.className = 'createsend-script'; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(e, s); })(); Businesses are utilising group interviews more than ever as a tool to differentiate candidates. As the job market is so competitive, hiring managers are wanting to see more of candidates, including their ability to work in teams and solve problems. Group interviews are a perfect way to evaluate this. Not only are group interviews helpful to access if a candidate is right for the job, but they are also cost effective and time efficient. One of the biggest barriers when hiring is the cost and time lost to a company, if you can interview 5 candidates at once, this helps to reduce the time spent away from the hiring managers full-time job. We conducted a Twitter poll last week and asked what type of interview you find more nerve-wracking. A staggering 56% of you said group interviews so we have put together our top tips on how to stand out from the crowd in a group interview. Group interviews can be nerve-wracking, but it pays to be prepared for them… BE CONFIDENT Group interviews can be stressful, and it can be harder to fully show off your abilities. However, it’s important to remain calm and confident as these are the exact things the hiring manager will be looking out for. Keep your voice clear, level and smile! If you would like to read our top tips on writing a CV, click here. INVOLVE EVERYONE It’s understandable that you will be in a competitive environment, so you will want to paint yourself in the best light possible. However, you must make sure you include everyone in the discussions. Repeating the same answer as another candidate won’t help you stand out. You must build on their answers, debating and adding your thoughts. DON'T FORGET TO LISTEN The accessors are not just watching to see what you say, they are monitoring how much you listen too. A fundamental element of teamwork is having the ability to listen to other people’s ideas and point of view. Always be polite and make sure you don’t interrupt as that will make you look aggressive. BE YOURSELF The assessors will be able to tell if you’re putting on an act. So, relax and be yourself! As long as you’re treating the other candidates how you would want to be treated, you will be on the right lines. However, if there is something that you feel strongly about, don’t be afraid to rock the boat and put forward a solid argument. Looking for tips on how to write your cover letter? Click here. BE AWARE OF YOUR BODY LANGUAGE Body language can make all the difference. If you get it right you can appear alert, engaged and attentive. Get it wrong and you’ll look lethargic and lacking drive. There’s nothing wrong with relaxing as the interview progresses and showing that you’re comfortable. But don’t let your attitude compromise your posture. Now you’re ready to ace that group interview! However, if you’re still at that crucial application stage, visit our career advice hub to read tips on everything from how to work with recruiters to writing your cover letter.

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    Morson Donate To Cerebral Palsy | 50 Weeks Of Giving

    CHARITY | 2 MIN READ Morson donates to Elsa's Journey The Cerebral Palsy fund helps to cover the costs of her various therapies and treatments ​For the ninth week of Morson's '50 Weeks of Giving' campaign, we've donated £250 to 'Elsa's Journey', a campaign running through children's charity Just4Children.​Elsa is aged four from Warrington. She was born suddenly at 35 weeks after contracting Listeria Sepsis. After needing ventilation and a few weeks in NICU, she left hospital and returned to her family. As she grew, she failed to meet her milestones and at age 3, after an MRI scan, she was diagnosed with PVL (damage to the brain) which led to her having Cerebral Palsy. Shortly after her third birthday Elsa took her first independent steps. Now Elsa has turned four and started school. The family's next goals are to help her master climbing stairs, running, jumping and walking longer distances. To help her achieve this, a regular physio and activity plan is absolutely crucial. Morson are fundraising for Just4Children to help cover the costs of her various therapies and for equipment to allow us to carry out her physio programme at home. Our '50 Weeks of Giving' program will be in addition to the work to raise money for the employee-chosen charities in 2019 - Motor Neurone Disease Association and ABF The Soldier's Charity. So far in 2019 we've helped a variety of causes each week - from local facilities for the elderley to heart transplant clinics. In the last 10 years, we've raised over £2million for worthy causes throughout the UK such as the Seashell Trust, Destination Florida, Salford University, Alzheimer's Society and MIND. Further celebratory plans throughout the year will bring together Morson's sporting ambassadors; from the horse racing world, ex-Manchester United players, to former world champion boxers Ricky Hatton and Anthony Crolla, and Sale Sharks rugby club. You can donate to Elsa's page here. To find out more about our commitment to charity, click here

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    Robbie Davis Jr | Overcoming Adversity & European Title Fight

    MORSON SPORT | 4 MIN READ Robbie Davies Jr looks back on a breakout 2018 He gives us the lowdown on his next opponent in his upcoming European title fight Last year was a breakout year for Morson's Robbie Davies Jr after he signed a three year deal with Eddie Hearn's Matchroom Boxing in June and began new life under his promotion by winnint the British and Commonwealth lightweight titles. Davies reflected on the night he defeated then-champion Glenn Foot in Newcastle back in October. “I was over the moon, it was a big achievement for me. It’s a goal for every professional boxer when they first turn pro to win the British title and to win the commonwealth title is a bonus” Davies’ most recent win has set up an enticing clash with Joe Hughes at the end of this month for the European Super-Lightweight title at the formerly known Echo Arena (now M&S Bank Arena). Fighting on a big show in his home city is something Robbie has wanted to do for a while and will serve as another box ticked: “I’ve been at those shows over the years but obviously I was with a different promoter at the time and to be co-main event at the Echo Arena and challenging for the European title is a big achievement in itself and to win this I can only go on to bigger and better things” With being a part of an event of this magnitude comes increased attention and more of a spotlight on Robbie in the build-up to March 30th, but this isn’t something that has distracted him so far: “I’m probably one of the best talkers when I get up there, during fight week you hear fighters saying they get nervous in the build-up but I don’t get butterflies until I get to the changing rooms before the fight” Prior to signing with Eddie Hearn, Davies Jr endured the toughest test of his life when he suffered major losses in and outside of the ring only days apart: “2017 was a dark time in my life, I lost my first fight and I lost my dad in the same week but since then I’ve grown and matured. I think my ring performances have got better as well and out of the ring I’m looking to be a role model, I think it was a big turning curve in my life for me” The Liverpool-born fighter later avenged his only defeat against Michal Syrowatka last March and he feels that coming through that experience has allowed him to take his abilities to another level: “I felt leading up to that loss that I’d scraped through my career because I was nowhere near training as hard or as dedicated as I had been since that. If I had never lost that fight I probably would have never changed anything and would have lost a bigger fight down the line” Next up for Robbie will be European Super Lightweight champion, Joe Hughes who has come through adversity his entire career and beat the odds on the big stage on multiple occasions: “Joe Hughes was born with Cerebral Palsy in his right arm which means the nerve damage was there from birth and he can barely use that arm at all. You can’t really look at it as a disadvantage because he’s been so used to that his whole career and has dealt with every type of fighter you can think of. He’s good in his ways but I just feel even with two arms he wouldn’t beat me” A win over Hughes won’t only be huge for Davis’ career in terms of adding more gold to his collection, but it will continue his rise up the boxing pyramid and may see him knocking on the door of a possible world title opportunity “Now I’m with Matchroom, everyone’s trying to take the limelight so everyone’s willing to try and fight me and take what I’ve got. Now moving forward, if I win this European title in good fashion it can only put me in the bigger picture for a world title shot later in the year” Robbie has shown the heart of a champion and continues to grow and impress with each performance. We at Morson wish Robbie the best of luck in camp and will be showing our support on March 30th. Read more Morson boxing news here

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    Safety Matters | Let’s Talk About Mental Health

    MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS | 5 MIN READ Morson Group is committed to maintaining mental health conversations through a number of ongoing engagement activities that support our entire workforce, including our contractors out on site Learn more about our mental health awareness and support initiatives Download our mental health awareness whitepaper Mental health is now a permanent part of the workplace, with figures from the Department of Health stating that one in four of us will experience mental illness at some point in our lives. Within our own business, we’ve seen a rise in the number of staff coming forward to express their own struggles around mental illness and seek support. In response, we are working hard to strengthen our workplace initiatives and priorities towards mental health to encourage more of our workforce to speak out, improve attitudes and break down barriers. Earlier this year, we conducted a survey with more than 1,400 Morson International contractors, including those working in roles within the rail industry, which painted a stark picture of the current state of mental health. Whilst significant progress is being made to increase conversations about mental wellbeing within the workplace, more still needs to be done. Employers within the rail industry take great strides to protect our workforces from physical harm and this same effort towards keeping our people safe must include promoting positive mental wellbeing. Taking care of employee mental health is not only the right thing to do as an employer, but makes good business sense. A large majority of the working days lost each year are because of issues concerning mental illness, at a cost of £billions to UK employers. Mental health doesn’t discriminate, yet men are far less likely to seek support for a mental health problem, which is particularly prevalent in the rail sector. Suicide is a leading cause of death in young people aged 20-34 in the UK Three times as many men die as a result of suicide compared to women and it is the leading cause of death for men under 50 ​We are committed to maintaining mental health conversations through a number of ongoing engagement activities that support our entire workforce, including our contractors out on site: The Morson Vital Safety Units continue touring UK sites and engaging in proactive conversations around health and safety. Helping to facilitate and focus communications, the team behind the Safety Units are having increasing discussions around emotional health and wellbeing to deliver a holistic approach. They focus on contractors working in environments more susceptible to health and safety related issues, such as anti-social working patterns and high-risk activities, with the majority of our Safety Unit talks taking place directly with our rail workforce. Mental health and wellbeing forms part of our quarterly briefs with all our rail supervisors to ensure we are doing everything possible to break down barriers, so that our workforce feel comfortable and that we create environments where everyone can thrive. We are as much committed to health as we are to safety and are readdressing any previous imbalance in health and safety activities in industries where safety was previously seen as a larger priority. Using the results of our survey, together with the findings from Sale Sharks Community Trust’s own mental health awareness programme, ‘Balls to That’, which a number of our senior team have completed, we have developed a larger whitepaper focused on tackling mental health and creating happier, healthier and more productive workforces. To download, visit www.morson.com/tackling-mentalhealth. Whatever you are going through, you can contact the Samaritans’ free helpline number 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by calling 116 123.

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    The Next Generation of Aircraft Could be Inspired by Bat Wings

    INDUSTRY NEWS | 3 MIN READ Researchers have developed the most advanced model of bat wing flight ever The model could be used to inspire the next generation of aircraft UBS will work with a dedicated team at Brown University to develop a bat-inspired robot (function () { var e = document.createElement('script'); e.type = 'text/javascript'; e.async = true; e.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https' : 'http') + '://btn.createsend1.com/js/sb.min.js?v=3'; e.className = 'createsend-script'; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(e, s); })(); Researchers at the University of British Columbia and the National University of Singapore have developed the most advanced model of bat wing flight ever which could lead to inspiring the next generation of aircraft. Bats are the only mammal capable of true and sustained flight. Their wing is made up of a thin membrane or patagium which enables them to bend and twist in response to the airflow whilst flying. This enables them to generate lift and thrust. A bat’s wings are much thinner and have more bones than wings of birds. This allows them to accurately manoeuvre providing more lift and less drag. When a batwing flaps, it forms little doughnut-shaped pockets of air known as vortex rings, expelled behind as the bat flies. The research conducted by a team from the University of British Columbia and the National University of Singapore has developed a variational aeroelastic framework. According to the engineers behind it, the model captures the complexity of real-life bat flight dynamics and greatly improves on the simplified numerical models that currently exist. Rajeev Jaiman, Senior Author of the study and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at UBC said: “Bats can navigate tight spaces and negotiate gusts of wind with apparent ease. By understanding how they do what they do, we may be able to design flying devices that operate more effectively than before, including in emergency and military situations.” “Bat wings are elastic structures composed of many different parts, and they interact with air in highly variable and aerodynamically complex ways. Our framework reflects key flight dynamics and could serve as a tool for the design and optimisation of flexible flapping wings in aerial vehicles.”​​ Scientists and researchers have been studying natural flight for years but until now, most of the research has been focused on birds and insects. As bats have wing structures that are easier to model and scale up for human applications, it makes them a good fit for practical aviation application. The next step is for the researchers to work with a dedicated team at Brown University to develop the most bat-inspired robot to date. Want to work on innovative projects like this? Search our latest opportunities and develop your career with Morson.

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    Morson Donate To The Railway Children | 50 Weeks of Giving

    CHARITY | 2 MIN READ Morson donates to charity that helped save employees life 50 Weeks Of Giving celebrates Morson's 50th anniversary in business (function () { var e = document.createElement('script'); e.type = 'text/javascript'; e.async = true; e.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https' : 'http') + '://btn.createsend1.com/js/sb.min.js?v=3'; e.className = 'createsend-script'; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(e, s); })(); For week 8 of our '50 Weeks of Giving' series, we have donated £1,000 to Railway Children on behalf of Morson Group employee Abid Uddin. Railway Children believe in a world where no child ever has to live on the streets. Celebrating 20 years of fighting for children this year, they've reached more than 275,000 children across India, the UK and East Africa. They reach children as soon as they arrive on the streets and intervene before a potential abuser can. In the UK alone, a child runs away from home every 5 minutes on average. Railway Children aims to improve the situation for children and really make a lasting difference to their lives. They believe they need to go further than helping the children living on the streets right now being fed and safe for just the night. They believe they need to raise public awareness of their existence and persuade the UK government to create better protection and care for them in the long term. To this end, they work at street level by taking care of immediate risks. They also work at community level, aiming to make the children more visible to society and aiming to create a national safety network to protect vulnerable people. Thirdly, they work at government level with the aid of persuading policy makers that children at risk on the streets should be made a higher priority on the political agenda and provide better protection for them. Our 50 Weeks of Giving program will be in addition to the work to raise money for the employee-chosen charities in 2019, Motor Neurone Disease Association and ABF The Soldier’s Charity. In the last 10 years, we've raised over £2million for worthy causes throughout the UK such as the Seashell Trust, Destination Florida, Salford University, Alzheimer's Society and MIND. Further celebratory plans throughout the year will bring together Morson’s sporting ambassadors; from the horse racing world, ex-Manchester United players, to former world champion boxers Ricky Hatton and Anthony Crolla and Sale Sharks rugby club. Visit Abid's JustGiving page here to make a donation. To find out more about our commitment to charity, click here

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    International Women's Day - Proud To Announce Simone Roche, Northern Power Women CEO, as Morson Diversity Ambassador

    INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY | 5 MIN READ We are delighted to announce our official Morson Diversity Ambassador, Simone Roche Meet Morson's Northern Power Women representatives Find out more about the Morson Equals Opportunites campaign which is set to revolutionise how the business engages with candidates online (function () { var e = document.createElement('script'); e.type = 'text/javascript'; e.async = true; e.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https' : 'http') + '://btn.createsend1.com/js/sb.min.js?v=3'; e.className = 'createsend-script'; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(e, s); })(); Morson is delighted to announce our official Morson diversity ambassador, CEO and founder of Northern Power Women, Simone Roche MBE. Simone will become our first diversity champion and joins a growing list of existing Morson ambassadors across business, sport and the armed forces. Simone launched Northern Power Women when she saw the need to focus gender balance in the northern powerhouse region, with the goal of making the North a driving force. Her career has taken her from scaling the ranks of the Royal Navy to roles at Aintree Racecourse, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the London Olympics. However, it was when she became director for a campaign supporting women in the hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism industry and subsequently became a champion for the Government Equalities Office that gender equality became her passion. In her role as Morson diversity ambassador, Simone will actively promote our commitment to diversity to engage the network of current and future leaders. Adrian Adair, Chief Operations Officer at Morson, said “There’s no denying that diversity achieves better commercial results by driving innovative ideas, changing the status quo and raising the bar for success. As a business must also create working environments that champion equality and inclusivity from the inside out. That’s why we’re delighted to add Simone as an ambassador.” Simone said “I’m delighted to become a diversity ambassador for Morson. The organisation, along with many of its clients, are a huge player in the Northern Powerhouse and the Northern Power Women initiative has been working closely with Morson for some time. I’m looking forward to taking my passion for addressing gender equality into this role and joining an impressive list of ambassadors from other fields.” Morson's Northern Power Women Representatives Adrian Adair, Morson COO and Northern Power Women Role Model With almost 20 years of experience in recruitment, Adrian Adair is Chief Operations Officer at Morson International. Adrian identifies the right internal talent to drive both Morson International and the wider Morson Group forward to achieve its goal of becoming a £1billion turnover business. He has identified the future boardroom, ensuring it’s diverse, equal and inclusive – all factors that are regarded highly throughout Morson International’s own recruitment strategy for itself and those of its clients. Samantha Price, Morson Head of Client Engagement and Northen Power Women Future List 2018 Leading Morson Group’s Equality and Diversity Champions Board and Women in Industry campaign, Sam has delivered a programme of transformational change within the business. Her commitment to improving gender balance through partnerships with organisations like the Girls’ Network, which empowers young females from disadvantaged communities to reach their aspirations, will leave a lasting legacy within the Morson Group. She has proven that diversity isn’t a buzz word, lip service won’t bring more diversity to male-dominated sectors but can-do kick-ass women like Sam just might, inspiring candidates & employers to embrace change. She champions both women in engineering and female talent within our business, positioning them as subject experts and trusted client advisors – which benefits our clients, candidate and employees. Rebekah Lee, Morson Head of Marketing and Northern Power Women Future List 2019 As head of marketing for Morson Group, I operate in sectors hardest hit by imbalances and work to actively attract talent from untapped pools, ensuring there are no barriers in place to hold talented people back. I am passionate about promoting diversity that goes beyond gender, working hard to challenge stigmas, open conversations and invite collaboration. The ‘Morson Equals Opportunities’ campaign is set to be my most important project to date, revolutionising how the business engages with our candidates online. A suite of accessibility tools, including solutions for visitors with dyslexia, visual impairment and learning difficulties, embedded into our website will enable 27% more of the UK population to access our online content than could previously. This campaign, combined with our new Group website, which utilises the latest tech to enhance the candidate journey, will deliver commercial benefits by uncovering a wealth of talent and further position Morson as a leader for EDI. Seeing the male-dominated industry in which I work as an opportunity to impact real change, I have developed powerful partnerships with organisations such as the Sale Sharks Community Trust, to break down attitudes with regards to masculinity and mental health. Inclusion into the Future List serves to empower this work which aims to transform the way people view mental health; opening up conversations, reducing stigma and encouraging cultural change.” Morson is particularly proud this year to be announced as the new sponsor for the NPW Future List and Innovation Award, alongside the headline sponsor, Manchester Airports Group, who have partnered with NPW for the past two years. Read more here.

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    Kieran Farrell Delivers Again In Opening Show Of 2019

    MORSON SPORT | 4 MIN READ Kieran Farrell's first show of 2019 takes place at the University of Bolton stadium Joe Gallagher-managed fighter on the card (function () { var e = document.createElement('script'); e.type = 'text/javascript'; e.async = true; e.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https' : 'http') + '://btn.createsend1.com/js/sb.min.js?v=3'; e.className = 'createsend-script'; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(e, s); })(); ​This weekend saw Kieran Farrell host his first boxing show of the year with his second successilve show at the University of Bolton stadium following last September's stellar card. This year's event seemed destined to be Kieran's most captivating show yet with his brother Nathan's professional debut being the most interesting aspect of the build-up. Unfortunately, Nathan was forced to withdraw from the show due to his long-standing issues with a knee injury meaning that he could not receive medical clearance for the date. This was coupled with the fact that Danny Craven’s scheduled headlining title fight had also been pulled from the bill. This meant that those remaining on the bill had that extra desire to perform that much better for the live crowd - which is exactly the way Kieran likes it. The opening fight of the night saw Ben Ridings face the far more experienced Zygimantas Butkevicius in a four-round contest. This was only Riding’s second professional fight, but he dealt with the sense of occasion with a calm and measured performance against a tricky opponent to pick up another decision win and gained much needed in ring experience in the process. Next up was the Joe Gallagher-managed Adam Little who returned after 17 months out of action and showed no signs of ring rust against the tough, Nathan Hardy. Little displayed his deceptive power countless times throughout the fight with multiple moments seeing Nathan wobbled and retreating. Despite Hardy’s heart, his chin eventually gave way, with a vicious overhand right being the final blow before the referee had seen enough. Lee Clayton bounced back from defeat to pick up his first win since last February as he outclassed Russ Midgely over four rounds much to delight of his promoter, Kieran. Debutant, Sam Larkin equally impressed with a one-sided decision win of his own, setting himself up for an exciting year in the sport. Ben Thomas will have to wait for his second professional win after battling to a draw in a gruelling bout with the difficult and determined, Harry Matthews. Despite the Kieran Farrell coached fighter not securing the win he would have wanted; his all action style was on display yet again in front of an electric hometown crowd. Khaleel Majid also had the Bolton crowd on their feet as he picked up his third win on points since turning professional last year. Finally, the main event fittingly ended with the fight of the night as Reece MacMillan defeated the game, Lee Connelly in an absolute war of attrition over eight hard fought rounds. It was the first time 23-year-old MacMillan had venture into eight round territory and he more than showed he had the tenacity to keep up with the ferocious pace of a fighter like Connelly. Despite some unfortunate late changes to the card, the ever reliable Kieran Farrell delivered another brilliant boxing showcase and highlighted yet again why he is setting the standard for small hall shows in the North West. We at Morson are looking forward to what the rest of the year holds for Kieran Farrell Promotions. Visit our boxing hub for the latest news from our #TeamMorson fighters

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