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Kirsty Hodgson and baby Teddy
Navigating the new role of mum | Kirsty Hodgson, Morson Talent’s Head of Bids, discusses returning to work after maternity leave.

Going back to work after maternity leave is a daunting prospect for many mums. There’s the inevitable anxiety about leaving your baby, coupled with the worry that you may have forgotten how to do y...

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A brand and a baby | Master distiller and co-founder of The Spirit of Manchester, Seb Heeley

We're on a mission to uncover the journeys of a range of professionals who have followed a non-linear path to success. In this interview, Morson COO Adrian Adair speaks with the co-founder of The S...

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'Sell it don't skip it' | Onsite with Sustainability Yard founder, eco-techpreneur and dad Nigel Eastham

​In this feature for BROOD, I chat with Nigel Eastham, founder of SustainabilityYard, the app that is tackling construction waste head-on. The free, self-service app enables users to buy, sell or g...

'I never expected to be a dad': the path to adoption

For many, the path to parenthood is not made from perfectly shaped, life stepping stones. Keen to explore the diverse routes to, and experiences of, becoming a parent, for my latest article with BR...

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Amateur star to world champion but 'the best title I could win is 'Mum': Natasha Jonas balancing a career and motherhood

​In this article, Morson Group COO, Adrian Adair, interviews boxing superstar Natasha Jonas for his regular feature in BROOD Magazine.Meeting at legendary boxing trainer, Joe Gallagher's gym in Bol...

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4 kids under 2, a career pivot and a dream | Adrian Adair meets DevOps engineer Tawfe'eq Babou

In this article, Morson Group COO, Adrian Adair, interviews DevOps Engineer Tawfe'eq Babou for his regular feature in BROOD Magazine. They discuss leaping from marketing to a career in tech, findin...

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The career dad challenge: Interview with Morson COO, Adrian Adair

"It’s really important for kids to see where their parents work and what they do.”BROOD is a brand new, unique online magazine for busy professionals and entrepreneurs. Dad of one, and Morson COO, ...