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4 kids under 2, a career pivot and a dream | Adrian Adair meets DevOps engineer Tawfe'eq Babou

In this article, Morson Group COO, Adrian Adair, interviews DevOps Engineer Tawfe'eq Babou for his regular feature in BROOD Magazine. They discuss leaping from marketing to a career in tech, findin...

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The career dad challenge: Interview with Morson COO, Adrian Adair

"It’s really important for kids to see where their parents work and what they do.”BROOD is a brand new, unique online magazine for busy professionals and entrepreneurs. Dad of one, and Morson COO, ...

Is working from home killing company culture?
Is working from home killing company culture?

​Can’t remember the last time you were in the office, or let’s face it, wearing trousers that aren’t your pyjamas? You may not have seen your colleague’s faces in over 18 months. Many may have gro...