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Building HS2’s Trains. Who Will Win the £2.75bn Race?

​There has been a lot of speculation on who is going to build the 225mph trains for HS2 which are expected to come into service in 2026. It is believed that the chosen company will design, build an...

Education, Engineering and Big Pink Trains | We Chat To NCHSR Director Neil Brayshaw
Education, Engineering and Big Pink Trains | We Chat To NCHSR Director Neil Brayshaw

​​At our recent HS2 roundtable at the National College for High-Speed Rail (NCHSR) in Birmingham, we were thrilled to have Neil Brayshaw, director of technical training at NCHSR as a speaker during...

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Mind the (Skills) Gap: Do You Have the Transferable Engineering Skills to Work in Rail?

​​Due to the delivery timelines of several major infrastructure projects in the UK, including Hinkley, HS2 and highways we face the reality of a severe skills shortage. There are simply not enough ...

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Digital Railway: Is This The Future Of UK Infrastructure?

​What is the Digital Railway? How will this industry strategy affect the rail network and will it produce beneficial outcomes? We delve into the ins and outs of how digitising our railways could he...

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How to Get a Job in Rail?

​As we know, the UK has long been in the spotlight for its rail industry, with a record 1.7 billion passenger journeys taking place each year and more than 4 million passenger journeys starting, en...

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25 questions you should answer before applying for jobs as a rail engineer

​You’re looking for a new challenge in the rail sector – but, like many job searchers, you may be out of practice when it comes to the interview process. We’ve compiled a list of 25 questions you s...

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So you want to work in… high speed rail

​With plans for new high speed rail links to connect both London and Birmingham, and Manchester and Leeds, there are currently numerous exciting opportunities for rail engineers here in the UK. The...