Hinkley point project

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How to become a... Commissioning Engineer

​Commissioning engineers play an important role in all types of engineering projects, with excellent opportunities available around the country.Read on to find out more about what skills you need t...

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How to become a Plant Operator

​There are excellent plant operator jobs in the UK construction industry for operators at all stages of their careers.Keep reading to find out more about the skills you’ll need to enter this field ...

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How to become a… Process Plant Operator

​Process plant machinery is widely used throughout the UK construction industry, creating many elementary process plant operator jobs opportunities for operators at all levels.Read on to find out m...

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Security Clearance Should be No Barrier to Nuclear Career Opportunities

​Adrian Adair, our Ops Director, discusses security clearance and its misconceptions.As energy demands continue growing year-on-year, the UK Government is taking steps to increase UK electricity pr...