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Morson unite for 'Accessibility to Me' Week 2022: One World 🌍

  • Publish Date: Posted 23 days ago
  • Author: Rebekah Lee
This week we celebrate ‘Accessibility to Me Awareness Week’ with our web accessibility partners Recite Me. Together, we are uniting everyone across the globe and communicating a vital message: To be inclusive online.

Everyone deserves the freedom to live a barrier-free life, so in February 2019 Morson announced our partnership with Recite Me, a cloud-based web accessibility solution that allows you, our web visitors, to customise our website to suit their needs including solutions for visitors with dyslexia, visual impairment and learning difficulties. Our mission? We want to ensure our online recruitment process was accessible to everyone to ensure that there are no barriers in place to hold talented people back.

With Recite Me, Morson is proud to celebrate ‘Accessibility to Me’ awareness week, a key date in our calendar to get everyone talking and learning about accessibility, diversity, and inclusion. The 14th-18th of November 2022 marks Recite Me’s second ‘Accessibility to Me’ awareness week, where we come together and recognise our differences within our communities to support a diverse range of people.

We are proud to support this occasion by joining together with Recite Me to develop our personal understanding and needs for accessibility, spotlighting international audiences online under this year’s theme, ‘One World’. 

15% of the world’s population has a disability. That may impact an individual’s access to information, services, experiences, and opportunities. Recite Me’s assistive toolbar on our website provides our visitors with a range of customisable tools to help them interpret content and navigate Recite Me assistive technology provides accessibility and language support tools to create a unique and customisable user experience. Options include text-to-speech functionality, fully customisable styling features, reading aids, and a translation tool with over 100 languages, including 65 texts-to-speech voices and many other features.

As recruitment specialists, we are gatekeepers to the world of work and take our role in enabling individuals from all walks of life to seek job opportunities and excel in their careers, very seriously. Over the past 12 months, we have supported 1000+ people on our website to read over 10,000 web pages in a way that works for them.

Ross Linnett, CEO and Founder, Recite Me said:

“Job opportunities are nearly always digital-first, and online application forms and skills assessments are now standard parts of the recruitment process. By adding Recite Me to their website, Morson is creating a more inclusive experience for candidates, and are widening and diversifying their talent pool.”

We are incredibly proud to provide additional accessibility and language support on our website with the Recite Me toolbar and look forward to continuing our partnership to create inclusive online experiences with this game-changing organisation.
To join the conversation on creating an inclusive society across the world, use the hashtag #OneWorld 

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