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Testing out the Triple Tread Tricycle with Andy Reid

  • Publish Date: Posted 20 days ago
  • Author: Jamal Niaz
Over recent months, Morson Projects' Composite Design team has proudly been supporting Triple Tread® with design elements for their new, upright tricycle. Developed by designer Mark Harrison, in response to being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the Triple Tread gives people with disabilities the freedom to cycle.

Morson Forces Ambassador, Andy Reid MBE, headed down to the track to try out the tricycle prototype and chat with the Morson Projects team and the Triple Tread founder.

Founder of Triple Tread and designer of the Triple Tread tricycle, Mark Harrison spoke to us about how he found his design inspiration:

"I've got M.S. - multiple sclerosis. Becoming disabled is rubbish and most disability products just look a bit rubbish too. They're very utilitarian, they almost emphasise the disability and I wanted something that I could use to exercise. If you can't walk very far, the option is cycling and if you can't balance, then the option is a tricycle. Tricycles on the market today are childlike and cumbersome, so I designed and developed a plan to solve that with Triple Tread"

Morson Forces Ambassador, Andy Reid tested out the Triple Tread tricycle at 'Cleavley Athletics Track' in Salford and praised the look and feel of the product as well as its focus on fitness inclusivity:

"I'm training to climb Kilimanjaro later this year and a bit of kit like this gets you out on the road, enabling you to build your fitness levels and get stronger.

It's all about mental well-being too. If you are physically fit, then you feel mentally better, plus you're getting out in the great outdoors"

He continued:

"I'm imagining being in Delamere Forest or around my local park on a bike like this, people are going to think it's cool. You probably won't get anywhere because people will stop you to say 'wow, it looks amazing!'

Just don't start asking me any details of how it works... that's up to these amazing guys here."

The Composite Design team at Morson Projects have helped to bring key parts of Mark's design to life. Chief Design Engineer at Morson Projects, Mark Davies discussed the design of the tricycle and its benefits:

"The design is a brilliant concept and we've worked to introduce the suspension. This has transformed the tricycle into something which enables the riders to really feel like they're on a conventional bike."The designed for us, obviously it's a brilliant concept because we've introduced the suspension. So, it's a tricycle bike that is independent now and enables the riders to really feel like they're on a conventional bike.”

Principal Stress Engineer at Morson Projects, Graham Eardley gave an insight into Morson Projects' involvement in the design process:

"We've created and designed a number of composite leaf springs which balances out the bike to help people be more stable - both when stationary and riding. It's been a really exciting project to be involved in."

Mark Harrison added:

"There's been a great support recently from the Morson team, who have been helping us develop a new suspension system using a carbon leaf spring system. We're working with Morson to continue the development and to improve the steer and feel on the track"

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