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The Artificial Intelligence Industry Report 2021: The rise of the AI jobs market

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago
  • Author: James Kenealey
​The global AI market is set to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 42.2% over the next seven years.
The accelerating use of data is one of the primary drivers behind the growth of AI. The amount of data that is captured and the ease of storage and recovery means that industries ranging from the financial sector to the medical industry are looking for innovative ways to use machine learning and the advancing fields of computer vision and neural networks to structure and utilise their data.

This has a direct impact on the recruitment landscape, and the UK is seeing a significant increase in the volume and breadth of data, cloud and emerging tech roles.

Our Artificial Intelligence Industry report takes a deep look into the current trends in the UK artificial intelligence sector. Our insights provide information on:

  • Locations of the top UK artificial intelligence jobs

  • Demographic analysis

  • Salary data

The recruiter issue: AI skills challenges ​

A key challenge when hiring AI professionals is that many recruiters lack relevant industry knowledge. As AI continues to boom, demand outpaces supply. Finding a Data Scientist that is a good fit is no longer the case of matching keywords such as “Machine Learning” in a CV. The data production pipeline includes Data Engineers, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, AI Engineers, Machine Learning Operations and more. Understanding what your company needs and knowing the differences between these roles will differentiate a good and a mediocre technology recruiter.

Another challenge is how to build a team correctly. Given that it is a relatively new and constantly evolving sector, recruiters often struggle when it comes to knowing what skillsets are required to build an effective AI team.

The Morson difference: we're experts, we know your market

Individually, our educated consultants are specialists; together, they combine their expertise to offer a one-stop-shop for technology innovators in the AI, Development, Cloud and Data space.

Skills shortages in some locations (particularly in the North of England) coupled with heavy demand for talent and limited time or capability to upskill workers, talent attraction and retention is set to be a big obstacle in sourcing AI candidates, particularly in startups. As innovators with people at our heart, we sit processes and technology around our expert teams, using machine learning, AI, and automation to ensure our clients have access to the right candidates at the right time, whilst using brand-led campaigns to inspire and engage top talent who are not only qualified but culturally aligned.

Our approach and expertise enable us to operate on all scales, from sourcing niche and high levels roles, AI directors, machine learning engineers and DV cleared data scientists, to building entire data and computer vision teams, supplemented with HR and contract professionals. Our market insight and engaged network mean that we’re poised to support the industry with emerging trends, such as advanced analytics and Cloud technologies.

We also demonstrate how we can use candidate profiling, market intelligence and targeted campaigns to ensure your business can successfully attract the next generation of artificial intelligence talent to this growing field.

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