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Tasha Jonas previews massive Katie Taylor fight!

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Image 2021 04 16 T11 05 49

​Team Morson’s Tasha Jonas finally faces off with old amateur foe and current Women’s P4P number one, Katie Taylor on a massive Matchroom Boxing card on May 1st. The pair first faced off at the 2012 Olympics in which the Irish superstar defeated Jonas, but the Liverpudlian now has the opportunity to get revenge on her rival in the high stakes World Title fight:

“From the minute I turned professional, there was always the build-up that we would face each other. Obviously, the loss (to Obenauf) knocked me off course a bit but I’m back on course now and I’ve got the fight. I don’t think it’s any different from the Terri Harper fight, I’m still an underdog, I’m still getting overlooked and this is the chance for me to put my name out there and win the belts.”

 Jonas also discussed why their previous bout at the Olympics is incomparable to what fans can expect in their upcoming Undisputed Lightweight title fight:

 “For me, it’s a completely different scenario. In the amateurs you’re trying to score points and a knockdown is one point, it doesn’t benefit you at all to be a big puncher and once you lose a few points it’s hard to catch them up within four rounds. In the pros, if you lose a round you’ve got another nine to catch up. We’re two totally different fighters and on the night, I’ll show that it’s nine years of improvement”

Coach, Joe Gallagher is never one to hide his passion for his fighters and he is delighted that Tasha is finally getting the opportunity to announce herself on the world stage, with four belts up for grabs:

 “I’m thrilled to bits for her. Tasha’s fight with Terri Harper was the first all British female world title fight and it won female fight of the year and everyone that watched was totally enthralled by it. We didn’t get the decision we wanted, but everyone around the world knows we won that world title and I look at Natasha as a world champion in my eyes. It’s great for Natasha to be given the opportunity to lock horns with her old amateur rival in Katie Taylor, nine years in the making”

 The former Ring Magazine trainer of the year also stressed the magnitude of the fight for Women’s Boxing as a whole:


“Tasha vs Katie Taylor is the biggest British/Irish fight we’ve seen and will ever see and we’ve got to enjoy the moment. I hope that in the build-up that respect is put on the name of Tasha, she’s inspiring the next generation of women coming through and fighting for increased women’s pay in the sport and her legacy will stand the test of time”

 Tasha added:

 “I want the best version of Katie. I don’t want to win and then for people to say she wasn’t herself or at her best and she’ll want to beat the best version of me because that’s the two athletes we are. The thing about history is you don’t appreciate it until it’s happened, I’m an athlete trying to achieve my goal but it was the same as the Olympics, I only realised how big the occasion was and what I achieved when I retired.

We wish Tasha the best of luck on May 1st in one of the biggest fights of the year and everyone at Morson will be showing their full support!