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Fit for Work expands global reach as app launches in Australia

  • Publish Date: Posted 5 months ago
  • Author: James Kenealey

​​The Fit for Work software, launched in 2020 by Morson Group in partnership with, has been made available to Australian customers for the first time.

The Fit for Work app is 'Digital PPE' for remote and distributed workforces. The system, which operates across a mobile app and web dashboard, supports organisations in managing their workforce – tracking that the right workers are in the right place at the right time with the right equipment and training. It uses facial recognition and GPS via a mobile device such as a smartphone. The system is adaptable to organisational and functional requirements and it enables health, safety and wellbeing dialogue with workers ranging from general wellbeing through to safety updates and trackable briefings (e.g. Toolbox Talks).

The app enables organisations to share health and safety information and COVID-control policy via mobile, measure engagement with key information and check that workers have understood it. The app can also check who has entered and exited remote work locations. The system enabled customers to identify 100% of their remote workers via the app in 2020, with 100% compliance.

Since beginning a trial of the system in August 2020, Morson Australia has tested Fit for Work in safety-critical rail environments and through various forms of lockdown. Adam McKendry, who oversaw the trial on Melbourne’s rail networks says:

“The app has reassured our remote rail workers that their safety is paramount — which has been particularly important during the global pandemic. We are really excited to be able to offer this product to our customer base this year.”

Fit for Work software is now being used by all types of organisations — from construction firms to football clubs. It is now live over 20 sites in the UK and Australia - including Transport for London and Network Rail sites. All potential health and safety issues that were identified via the app in 2020 were resolved, with all sites able to report zero incidents using Fit for Work.

Watch the video below for a guide to the Fit for Work app: