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Millions of kilograms of CO2 emissions offset for Morson and Vital through Shell scheme

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In early 2020, Morson Talent and Vital Human Resources signed up to the Destination: Carbon Neutral fuel card scheme, a major step towards our goal of being carbon neutral as a business by 2023.

Spending just 1p extra per litre on fuel, Shell tracks our fleet consumption and calculates the CO2 emissions associated with the usage. The CO2e emissions are calculated over a calendar year by multiplying the litres of fuel purchased via the Shell Card by the applicable emissions factors. The equivalent number or carbon credits are retired after the end of the relevant calendar year to offset the CO2e emissions.

Morson Group was the first million-litre per year user to adopt the scheme.

Shell estimates to offset 485,433 kg CO2 on behalf of Morson Talent for the full-year of 2020 and 5,659,564 kg CO2 on behalf of Vital Human Resources Limited. Vital Human Resources Ltd is the UK’s largest supplier of skilled personnel to the rail industry and has over 550 commercial vehicles operating across the UK. Reducing CO2 emissions is a key goal for the company, as Executive Director Gary Hardaker comments:

“Driving sustainability goals forward has always been considered a collaborative effort at Vital. When the carbon offsetting programme was brought to our attention, knowing that we could work with Shell to reduce our fleet’s carbon dioxide emissions made our decision a straightforward one. Shell is our fuel card provider, and as carbon credits are directly calculated based on our fleet fuel consumption, it allows us, and our staff, to recognise our contribution to wider sustainability goals.”

Shell work with nature-based projects around the world to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions while improving livelihoods and working to preserve biodiversity and wildlife. A Verified Carbon Reduction Certificate will be issued in March/April of 2021, reflecting the actual CO2e emissions that have been offset and the projects from where the nature-based carbon credits have been sourced.

Sarah Llewelyn, UK Sales Manager at Shell Fleet Solutions, said:

“We are excited to work with you on your journey to reducing the impact of your CO2 emissions. I’m seeing a drive towards decarbonisation being echoed across the transport industry, which currently accounts for 34% of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions. Our aim at Shell Fleet Solutions is to provide businesses with support at every stage of their transition by offering a variety of services and expertise to help avoid, reduce and offset their emissions. For example, with our e-mobility offer, launched earlier this year, we hope we will help fleets to avoid creating emissions. And, with Shell Telematics, we can help fleets to improve fuel efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint.”

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