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CEO Ged Mason offers donation to Crolla's Fox ABC gym

  • Publish Date: Posted 7 months ago
  • Author: Jamal Niaz

​​Since the original Fox ABC gym was tragically burnt down in March last year, former Lightweight World Champion Anthony Crolla has been working tirelessly to relocate and rebuild his amateur gym which means so much to himself and the community.

The gym holds a special place in Crolla’s heart as it was where he honed his craft as a youngster and witnessed so many locals’ lives changed for the better, due to the access to boxing in the area. After numerous setbacks throughout the year, Crolla finally found an old clubhouse at the Vestacare Stadium in Oldham that was fitting for the gym, and with months of hard work, had it ready to open in December.

 With a brand-new ring, punch bags and a coach who has shined under the brightest lights in the sport, the gym represents an outlet for young people in the community to learn discipline, be more confident in themselves and feel part of a team. Team Morson went to visit the gym prior as the final touches were being made and Crolla was surprised by the visit of Morson CEO, Ged Mason, holding a cheque of £20,000 he was donating to the gym.

 It was clear to see how much this donation meant to an emotional Anthony, who can now add the last details and get the gym opened up to those who need it most when it is safe to do so.

 Speaking on the donation Ged stated to Crolla:

 “I remember the night of the fire and it was really sad and I wanted to do something to help you along. It’s been fantastic what you’ve done to get this place back on its feet, it’s not just the people at the Boxing club, it’s all the local community that it helps”

 Crolla explained how the donation will help the gym specifically:

 “As a boxing gym we’re ready to go, we’ve got some weights to come in and maybe a few machines, so that cheque will help massively”

 He added:

 “What gives me the most joy is helping others achieve their dream. Not every person who walks through this door will be a fighter