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IR35 webinar: SOW, an IR35 compliant solution for clients

  • Publish Date: Posted 7 months ago
  • Author: Rebekah Valero-Lee

The clock is ticking towards HMRC’s IR35 tax reforms. Private-sector organisations that engage contractor populations are turning their attention to ensuring compliance with the legislation, yet few hiring managers, procurement heads and HR professionals consider a fully contracted-out service as a potential option.

The next webinar in our IR35 series is dedicated to exploring this solution, often referred to as a Statement of Work (SOW) or a bought-out service, which removes the IR35 burden from end clients. Register now.

A fully contracted-out service – often referred to as a Statement of Work (SOW) or a bought-out service is a flexible, effective and highly successful commercial route that has many benefits and incidentally, can remove off-payroll considerations related to IR35. Already commonplace in engineering, IT and tech sectors, many other industries could benefit from choosing this advantageous and effective way of working.

Whilst there is strictly no prescribed format, a fully contracted-out service comprises a ‘contract for services’, which governs the relationship and outputs agreed between the client and service provider.

For more than 40 years, Morson Projectshas been delivering fully contracted-out services to clients, long before IR35 legislation was established. However, since the introduction of IR35 in 2000, we have successfully delivered more than 12,000 projects as fully contracted-out solutions, with a value in excess of £750m.

This method of working puts us in the position of the ‘End Client’ to any relevant Personal Service Company (PSC) engaged. It, therefore, means we are responsible for ensuring reasonable care is exercised correctly by producing and issuing an IR35 Status Determination Statement.

During this 60-minute session, the panel will shine a spotlight on a service that Morson Projects has been providing clients throughout our 40 years in operation. A service that now has the additional benefit of removing the IR35 burden from our clients.

Our panel will explain how they can help guide businesses through the offload process, helping them clearly define their requirements and supporting them in generating SOWs. We will then showcase our robust processes, procedures and tools to ensure IR35 compliance, which is underpinned with a comprehensive insurance policy.

In what is an unprecedented opportunity to reset the IR35 agenda, ensure your business doesn’t get left behind.

To find out more and to register your free place, click here.

Meet our panel...

IR35 webinar: SOW, an IR35 compliant solution for clients

Chris Burke, executive director, Morson Projects

Chris has a 45-year career history, 20 years of which have been spent at Morson Projects overseeing teams delivering engineering solutions to the Aviation, Power, Manufacturing, Transport and Nuclear sectors through outcome-led statements of work. As a result, Chris has unique knowledge and understanding of delivering the best technical solutions for clients in line with the new IR35 legislation.

IR35 webinar: SOW, an IR35 compliant solution for clients

Devina Ramanah, compliance support, Morson Projects

Devina worked as legal adviser to Magistrates for HMCTS in the courts across West Yorkshire and Central Manchester for more than 10 years. Devina would advise all parties at court on points of law, practice and procedure, ensuring legal compliance and transparency, and brings a wealth of experience producing and delivering legal training.

Devina has supported Morson since the introduction of the Finance Act 2017. She plays a pivotal role in building knowledge and raising competency in IR35 compliance, the creation of a reliable, insurable Status Determination Statement tool, whilst working closely with leading tax specialists to gain panel member status.

IR35 webinar: SOW, an IR35 compliant solution for clients

Gareth Beck, associate director, Morson Projects

Gareth brings more than 20 years of industry experience and has played a leading role in providing Morson Projects’ clients with the right technical support to deliver their complex projects successfully for the past 13 years.

Gareth has extensive experience in constructing and delivering fixed-price work packages, managing the contract for services and assuming responsibility for a project’s successful delivery by utilising a talented technical team, which Morson Projects has been doing long before IR35 legislation was established.

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