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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Cyber Workforce

  • Publish Date: Posted 10 months ago
  • Author: James Kenealey

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If we thought we lived in a highly technological world before, COVID-19 has accelerated it tenfold.

The whole world has moved online. Due to the need to socially distance ourselves from people outside our bubble, cyber technology has had to enable a much more remote way of living. This doesn’t just embody home working; it’s affecting every single walk of life.

Our phones have never had so many apps, but we’re being encouraged to use them to remotely access, for example, a restaurant’s menus, make payments for our food and drinks and then leave our contact details for Test and Trace. We can now do all of this without coming into physical contact with members of staff or touching any surface other than our own table, thanks to the intricacies of the humble QR code.

Sadly, we also live in a world where people want to take advantage of the accessibility and opportunity that technology offers us. The amount of payments being made via cloud platforms and data transferred between different parties online, makes companies and establishments of all nature more susceptible to being attacked.

Whether it’s a restaurant wanting to protect its diners, a university wanting to look after the details of its students, or companies who want to ensure their teams can work safely from home, having enough cybersecurity resource in place to safeguard your internal and external assets has never been more of a priority. A data breach of any kind is expensive – not just in terms of damage to the reputation of a brand, or the steps needed to recover, but also the fines that the Information Commissioner’s Office can impose on those who don’t take upfront measures to protect themselves or their users. Often, this can scale up into millions of pounds.

In the face of this change that’s happening simultaneously across the globe, we’re seeing an increase in requests for our resourcing consultancy, which sees us supply specialist cyber skillsets to businesses wanting to take extra steps to mitigate against the risks of data breaches. It’s been important to us as a business for several years since the internet truly started to take over how we live, work and socialise.

We launched Brave New World, a campaign designed to raise awareness of the opportunities a career in cybersecurity presents, providing young people with advice on how they could enter the industry and forge a successful role for themselves. We launched a microsite sharing more advice which attracted more than 7,000 visitors and resulted in 350 applications from individuals wanting to get involved with the sector.

Additionally, we’re one of only four recruitment agencies in the UK to have secured the Gold Award in the Armed Forces’ Defence Employer Recognition Scheme, which we utilise to support ex-forces members back into the commercial world of employment. Though many might assume those who’ve worked on armoury, ships and jets would be most suited to a role in engineering, what we know is that they have transferrable skills to the world of cybersecurity. Used to working in highly regimented, high tech arenas, those from the forces slot brilliantly into roles in project management, security, network engineering, pen testing and data analysis, and we enable them to source these roles once their career in the military comes to an end.

The cyber industry is a world of its own and requires the expertise of those who live and breathe it to help identify the right candidates for new roles. In such a multi-faceted industry, only a multi-faceted consultant can help you find the right people, and is why we deploy dedicated consultants who truly understand this niche market.

To find out more about Morson's IT recruitment offering, get in contact with Sam by emailing or by calling him on 0797 936 6811