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Sam Price Named Among Workplace Diversity HERoes for Second Year

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Sam Price, head of client engagement for Salford-headquartered Morson Group, has been recognised as a workplace diversity champion for the second year in a row after being featured in the 2020 HERoes Women Role Models list.

Included in the 100 Women Future Leaders List, Price has been recognised for her efforts to achieve greater diversity across the engineering sector, specifically for those of various genders, sexualities, ethnicities and abilities.

The list, which is supported by Yahoo Finance, celebrates inspiring and empowering women who aren’t yet senior leaders within their organisations but who ensure their companies remain committed to diversity and inclusion to create more representative workplaces.  

Operating in sectors which typically see a significant imbalance when it comes to diversity, Price’s role centres on embedding equal opportunities for all within the talent specialist’s DNA – as well as for the businesses within its global client roster – to ensure its workforce is reflective of wider society.

Price was recognised in the HERoes Women Future Leaders List in 2019 for being instrumental in achieving Morson Group’s commitment to double the number of female engineers that it deploys worldwide by 2020.

In the last 12 months, she has overhauled the company’s recruitment process to enable more diverse pools of candidates to access interviews and has launched Women Leaders in Transport – an online community for females working across the transport industry, established in partnership with Transport for London, talent and Siemens.

Price also continues to be a mentor for The Girls’ Network’s Salford division – which she was instrumental in launching in 2018 – to empower young females from disadvantaged backgrounds with the support and resources they need to reach their aspirations.

She said:

“The more diverse you are as an individual, the harder it is to get ahead. As a recruitment specialist, we are responsible for changing lives by giving people the opportunity to have a career. So, the very least we can do is provide fair and open access to that, for everyone, no matter who they are. That means not being afraid to have difficult conversations about equality; it means providing education to ensure that other companies in our industry follow suit, and it means making smarter recruitment decisions to set change in motion. When I was included in the 2019 HERoes list, I downplayed what a big deal it was. This year I’m embracing it and making it known that I’m doing this for the people out there who have always been held back but who deserve to achieve their ambitions. I feel proud of what Morson is doing and I feel proud of myself.”

Adrian Adair, COO of the Morson Group, added: 

“Sam is a shining light within the Morson Group. We have a long been committed to attracting and developing talent from a diverse pool of candidates and Sam is the driving force behing that. Her work ensures that the people we hire and those we supply to our clients are representative of our society, rather than falling within the traditional scope for our industry and not just to tick a box. She adds true business value in ensuring we hire outside typical parameters – because only by doing so will we ensure we’re working with the very best.”

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