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Morson Installs Red CCTV COVID19 Temperature Testing Devices at Office Locations

  • Publish Date: Posted 11 months ago
  • Author: James Kenealey

Morson has turned to the Halo Shield to ensure employees are COVID-free when entering the office.

The Halo Shield Pod Pro has been installed at Morson Group’s Adamson House head office in Salford.

The device scans employees and visitors as they enter the offices, reading and displaying their body temperature. Anyone who has a temperature reading of 37.8 degrees or more will not be allowed access to the buildings in a bid to keep staff safe from the possibility of Covid19.

Occasionally, elevated temperature could be down to physical activity or other external conditions, so should a visitor get a high reading they will be asked to repeat it after a brief waiting period.

The Halo Shield system has been created by leading security providers RedCCTV and is being installed at businesses across the UK in a variety of sectors as the nation returns to workplaces following the lockdown period.

A Pod Lite covers the basement entrance and there are also further Pod Lites covering the Irlam, Southwark and Canning Town branches. The Pod Lites are a smaller version of the device, which is perfect for locations where space is at a premium.

Red CCTV Managing Director, Rob Kennedy, said:

“The Halo Shield provides employees, suppliers and employees with confidence in the sense that they know everyone within the building had a body temperature in the ‘safe’ zone. The Halo Shield is not a COVID-19 detector, it monitors and measures body temperature and the experts tell us elevated body temperatures are a symptom of COVID-19. But this isn’t just about COVID-19. This will identify anyone with an elevated temperature and that could indicate all sorts of health issues including the common cold, or SARS, or other viruses that could be a risk to others within the building. We believe this will become a longer-term solution for business anyway who simply want to keep their staff, their suppliers and their customers healthy.”

Ged Mason OBE, Morson Group CEO, said: 

“The Morson Group has always placed its people first and their health and well-being is a top priority for us. We are living in uncertain times and we take the threat of COVID-19 extremely seriously, establishing a Covid-19 compliance team to tackle the issue of keeping everyone safe. The emergence of the Halo Shield provided a perfect solution for us and the team at Red CCTV installed and commissioned the equipment across our UK operations. The Halo Shield is non-intrusive and highly accurate, a very smart solution for helping businesses get back to work. It also looks right. We are a modern, forward-thinking business, and some of the body temperature screening systems require tripods wires or handheld monitors and they look clumsy. The Halo Shield, however, is a well thought through, solidly built a modern solution that seamlessly reflects our brand whilst silently doing its job and keeping us safe.”

Morson has invested heavily in the bid to protect employees, suppliers and visitors safe from COVID-19. A dedicated‘ Morson COVID-19 Support Hub‘ was set up to offer support and guidance for both employers and employees.

Rob Kennedy added:

“The Morson Group is a shining example of how to care for your staff. They have always been the same, it’s part of their success, but during a crisis like the recent Covid-19 pandemic, they lead the way. They have installed the Halo Shield Pod Pro and the Halo Shield Lite to ensure that anyone arriving at Adamson House is screened and checked. Only those people that fall within the safe permitted temperature zones are allowed in. The advantage of the Halo Shield Pod Pro is the video screen which allows Morson to display their own key messaging, in this case, their Covid-19 guidance.”

To find out more about the Halo Shield and how it could help your business, email

Alongside the COVID-19 support hub, our Fit for Work and Safety Matters apps are a key part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out how best to manage localised lockdowns from a health and safety perspective.