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Morson are hosting a virtual roundtable to support recruitment and HR leaders

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Morson is hosting a virtual roundtable exploring the impact of COVID-19 on talent resourcing and skills sharing to support recruitment and HR leaders to navigate labour sourcing during return to normality.

Our online event will begin with an analysis of the labour sourcing market before an in-depth exploration of the trends that have emerged since the COVID-19 outbreak. Led by Morson’s client services director, Steve Seddon, and group sales director, Dave Lynchehaun, guest speakers and industry experts will join the interactive discussion that is set to cover how to safely adapt the workplace, socially-distanced workplace training, technology for long-term home-based recruitment and the impact of the Coronavirus on mental health.

The roundtable – to be held on Thursday 11 June, 10am-11am – will examine the industries that have grown fastest since the outbreak of the pandemic and vice versa, and as a result, how these sectors have gone about meeting the demand and any downturn for talent. You can register here.

Additionally, it will look at whether furlough and redundancy has led to a mass movement of talent; how the delay of IR35 has impacted both employer and contractor networks and how both of these challenges can be harnessed to create an economic upturn in coming months.

We are encouraging in-house recruitment leaders and HR teams from technical sectors including IT and digital, construction, rail, aerospace and defence, engineering, nuclear and professional services to attend the event to gain advice and guidance on how to overcome and capitalise on the challenges the pandemic has enforced on the economy. 

At the start of the UK lockdown, we joined the ‘Keep Britain Working’ campaign in partnership with fellow recruitment giant, REED, as its official Northern Partner, to identify and facilitate new roles for those who found themselves out of work as a result of the pandemic. With a contractor base of almost 15,000 and having worked with businesses ranging from small disruptors through to international market leaders, we offer a unique perspective of the world of work and talent resourcing.

Morson’s client services director, Steve Seddon, said:

“In the last three months, as the pandemic has taken hold of the country, we’ve learnt that our clients and others in their industry are hungry for detail and guidance on what comes next. We decided to create a forum where we could share ideas and information from our learnings, to boost both morale and collaboration to ensure the economy can get back on its feet.

The Coronavirus has brought about the introduction of new policies and workplace schemes, and we want to inform people about the impact this will have on talent pools, which have the potential to become bigger than ever before. Even contractors who would typically have never considered changing roles are contemplating their future and looking for opportunities that offer more stability. 

This means there is a huge opportunity for businesses which are seeing a surge in demand to scoop up the skillsets of these individuals and help get them back to work so that the economy can start to thrive once again. Our virtual roundtable has been designed to help all those who capitalise on this trend with the new challenges the world of work will present, to ensure the health and safety of their staff, and themselves.”  

Our event will be introduced by the speakers, who will deliver an overview of the state of the labour sourcing market, before guest speakers join four mini sessions:

  • Health and safety: How to adapt your workplace for a safe return for your staff, led by Morson’s group director of health, safety, quality and environmental compliance, Gareth Morris. Gareth will discuss COVID-19 secure workplaces and early detection technology, including Morson’s Fit For Work app.


  • Socially distanced workplace training: To be led by Matt Leavis, group training director at Morson. The team are developing accredited courses around social distancing awareness principals and compliance which will be a key driver in changing behaviours, especially from office staff that are less acutely aware of health and safety compared to those on site in safety critical roles. Topics include social distancing and hygiene protocols, as well as mental resilience and how to prepare for your return to work.


  • Technology to manage your workforce from afar: The session will explore which technologies best aid the end-to-end recruitment process when working from home. This is even more difficult in today’s state of play, and Morson will profile its Vencuro technology alongside others.


  • Coronavirus’ impact on mental health: Morson’s health, wellbeing & engagement partner, Heather Deering, will analyse, from the perspectives of those working from home and those returning to the workplace, how employers can better support their workforces beyond the parameters of physical health.

Anyone wanting to attend the roundtable on Thursday 11 June, 10am-11am, can sign up for the event here