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Keeping the Recruitment World Turning: Using Tech to Support our Clients and Candidates

Rebekah Valero-Lee morson news


In these challenging times many businesses have, understandably, chosen to put recruitment on hold. However, for those who may not be recruiting simply because they do not think it’s possible right now, there are opportunities for businesses to continue to shape their organisation.

As a recruitment business we thrive off creating personal connections, meaning that the physical distancing imposed by the COVID-19 response is an obvious challenge. However, our new normal has uncovered opportunity, with recruiters and clients discovering new ways to engage, communicate with and source top talent.

With greater utilisation of recruitment and business technology, Odro, Skype, MS Teams and Slack, we have continued to effectively support many clients with their recruitment requirements. COVID-19 has given us the chance to explore the full potential of these tools, meaning that recruitment does not necessarily have to be put on hold.

Our recruiters are experiencing first-hand the benefits of virtual engagement and HR recruitment manager Craig Saxby spoke with Odro about making his first, fully remote, permanent (and one of their quickest ever) placement with the technology.

This specific role is with a client who we’ve not done business with before. At Morson we take an extremely consultative approach with each client, and we took the time to fully understand their challenges, creating a bespoke solution to help them achieve their objectives. From there we we’re briefed on several roles across HR and IT… this was 4/5 weeks ago, right on the cusp of when the lockdown response to COVID-19 started.

Naturally, once lockdown measures were put in place, the client questioned whether recruitment could even continue in the current climate - unsure about how physical distancing and travel restrictions would affect the recruitment process. Other questions they asked of us were, how to onboard and get hiring managers bought into the process remotely?

With these concerns front of mind we educated and guided the client, reassuring them that we had the experience and technology in place to continue to collect CV’s, arrange interviews and onboard individuals remotely.

Having used Odro for several months prior to COVID-19 we we’re perfectly placed to adapt to these new challenges and rework our solution. By consulting with our client and taking control of the recruitment process we we’re able to design an agile recruitment strategy, covering shortlisting and interviewing to offer and onboarding.

Odro was a cornerstone of the solution, using the technology effectively to interview and, importantly, engage candidates throughout the recruitment process. First interviews we’re conducted through Odro’s pre-recorded question function. Candidates were sent a link to a set of questions (devised by the client) and they simply record their answers which are then sent back via email for review. The client found this first stage clear, useful and easy to coordinate. These interviews give candidates and clients the ultimate flexibility as they can be recorded and reviewed at any time.

Several candidates were taken through to second stage interviews which we’re done via Odro’s live video link involving a two-way conversation between the client and the candidate, enabling them to relationship build and connect on a personal and professional level. From here a candidate was offered the role.

From a candidate perspective, the individuals that went through this remote recruitment process provided positive feedback on their experience. The flexibility of being able to record answers in their own time meant they could complete the interview in an environment where they felt most comfortable. In addition, having sight of the questions beforehand allowed them to prepare effectively for the video recording.

Similarly, the client found the flexibility around timings particularly advantageous, able to review interviews when appropriate for them, instead of having to book out a full day to interview multiple candidates.

We’ve then been able to support the client with remote onboarding by sharing best practise from across the industry. Speaking with the candidate just this morning, she has let me know that she has been set up with e-learning, IT support and the technology to allow her to perform her role will be delivered to her home this week ready for her to start in a weeks’ time.

Although this is just one example, we’ve now used Odro effectively for multiple clients on multiple roles and have found, that even for senior appointments, Odro is a fantastic tool for professional interactions. Time saving for both parties yet still maintaining that human face-to-face interaction allows our clients and recruitment teams to build relationships and connect with potential candidates. By using tools like Odro we’re opening ourselves to a wealth of opportunity – challenges around location, working hours and other commitments are minimised, allowing greater flexibility for both candidates and clients.

It is clear that businesses need to adapt in response to the current environment. By using technology and engaging in new and thoughtful ways, Morson are continuing to help organisations and candidates achieve their ambitions, even at this difficult time.

Our experience of creating agile, bespoke solutions, using innovative tech solutions and a thorough understanding of the market has allowed us to guide existing and new clients through these challenges, and help candidates find new opportunities.

If you’re a business seeking guidance on how to proceed in these challenging times, an organisation actively recruiting or an individual looking for a new opportunity or advice on the market, we’re here to support you. Speak with Craig, craig.saxby@morson.com to find out how we can support you during and beyond this time. 

Remember, whether you are actively recruiting or not, now is a great time to be speaking with potential candidates, making connections and engaging with recruiters whether they be in house or agency side, to build future pipelines and engage potential talent for when the threat of COVID-19 lessens.