National apprenticeship week


National Apprentice Week – Q&A with Karen Spencer, Payroll Apprentice

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National apprenticeship week

Over the past week, we have featured some of our best and brightest Morson apprentices ranging from marketing to credit control and recruitment.

We caught up with Karen who works in our Payroll department to find out more about her Payroll apprenticeship journey, her current role and why she would recommend apprenticeships to others.

Morson’s Payroll Department

Within Morson’s Payroll department we employ 50 people who are evenly split over five teams, each of which requires different skills.

  • Contractor Care Team - deal with onboarding and ongoing support for our contractors.
  • Contracts Team - manage the processing of contractor contracts.
  • Payroll Team - pay all manual timesheets and are responsible for the ongoing statutory requirements associated with processing payroll.
  • Expenses Team - a dedicated function with specialist knowledge of the payment of contractor expenses.
  • Payroll and Billing - process all our high-volume payroll and invoicing files, intermediate to advanced excel skills are required to work in this team.

In addition to these teams we also have three senior people within our department who deal with individual specialist areas; a Systems Developer, a Systems and Process Improvement Specialist and a New Client Implementation Manager.

Karen chats about her Payroll Apprenticeship…

Karen has worked at Morson for over six years, enrolling on the Payroll Apprenticeship scheme after the opportunity came about in 2019.

“We all received an email asking if we would be interested in doing an Apprenticeship through Morson. I’ve always thought I would like to get a qualification in Payroll, so I put my name forward to get more information about it and I haven’t looked back since.”

Like any department, technology is always changing, with new systems coming into play all the time.

“In the payroll department, we embrace the use of technology, especially in our specialist payroll and invoicing team which deals with our largest clients. The Apprenticeship that I’m doing helps us to stay up to date with the systems and learn new things on the job. I think that going forward a lot of people coming into Payroll will be more interested in doing an Apprenticeship as new processes and systems come about.”

Experience has shown that a Payroll team servicing contractor payroll in a recruitment company is a different prospect to a payroll team in other companies. We like to think of our Payroll department as a Service Delivery Team rather than just a Payroll team, this requires a different mindset and skillset, so we often find it works better for us to train our staff in house. Therefore, the Apprenticeship Scheme is perfect for our needs.

Karen said: “I’m loving learning new things on my Apprenticeship and it’s going really well for me so far. My hopes for the future are to continue to learn new things and develop within Payroll.”

Mark Poncia, Morson’s Learning, Development and Apprenticeship Partner discusses the importance of Payroll Apprenticeships:

“Company staff engagement and longevity of service is very important to us with two of our current department managers having 37 years’ service each after starting their career on the YTS scheme at the age of 16.

It’s very important that we ensure that all our staff are trained to the highest standards. I feel the Payroll Apprenticeship is the perfect vehicle to train our staff whilst also taking into account the niche requirements of our industry.

I am hopeful that the department will continue to flourish and diversify as we deal with different client profiles. We can, however, only do this if we continue to develop our people and ensure that they have the necessary skills to deal with the ever-changing environment of Payroll.”

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