Standardisation and Skills Workshop For Morson Training Team

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  • Morson Training team hold their annual Standardisation and Skills workshop

  • Sessions focus on changes across the industry to ensure a consistent and unified approach

On Friday 10th January 2020 the team at Morson Training held their annual Standardisation and Skills Workshop.

The focus of the morning was to look at changes across the industry and ensure a consistent and unified approach. A main area of discussion was the use of technology in delivery, with some exciting suggestions and ideas being explored ready for delivery throughout 2020. Now in its 5th year, the event attracted a record number of employees.

In the afternoon the session moved on to a training skills workshop, with the focus on active engagement in learning. The workshop saw an interactive session being delivered by head of operations and training director Matthew Leavis. He commented:

“This session was really well received. The need to review and remind ourselves of the changes, approaches and methodology at our disposal is key to remaining at the forefront of the industry. With some of the industry’s most highly regarded trainers in the room, the session was easy and fun”

The principles explored in the session will now become part of Morson Training’s 2020 Quality Improvement Plan for the delivery team.  This is set out to ensure the whole team is exploring every opportunity to bring training content to life through the various methods explored in the session. Paul Clay lead IQA commented:

“I am looking forward to seeing how the team embed the principles explored throughout their ongoing delivery.”

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In 2018, Morson Training won best apprenticeship at the Transport for London Supplier Awards

Morson Training deliver a range of training, assessments, vocational and technical training along with specialist apprenticeships and consultation  services across the UK. Find out more about their programme