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Nutrition and Energy Hot Topics For London Rail Apprentices

James Kenealey health and wellbeing training

Vital Apprentices


  • Transport for London and Network Rail apprentices receive health and wellbeing training

  • The pitfalls of energy drinks was a key topic in the session, as well as general nutrition

Nutrition was the name of the game for Morson and Vital’s London rail track maintenance apprentices after a recent session with Health, Wellbeing & Engagement Partner Heather Deering.  

Morson and Vital’s London track apprentices comprise groups on the Transport for London Underground sites and also the Network Rail over ground sites.

The session began by covering the basic principles of nutrition and elements of a healthy diet, talking through the sources of each nutrient and the roles they play within the body and mind. As well as nutrition, the group were also taught about the importance of hydration, with care taken care to explain the link between how consequences of poor nutrition and dehydration are relevant to each apprentice’s role and life.

A major focus was placed on the prevalence of energy drinks. The biggest UK market for energy drinks are males aged 16-24 – the bracket in which most of our on-track apprentices fall. The pitfalls of relying on energy drinks to support adherence to a changing shift pattern were discussed, along with alternative strategies to maximise energy and wellbeing when working under these conditions. The group were provided with several simple, practical tips for the best way to eat on and around a night shift.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the session was when the group had the opportunity to reflect on the barriers to having a healthy diet that they personally experience and interact in a group discussion on how each of these can be overcome.

Morson Group’s Director of Training, Matthew Leavis, stresses the importance of producing apprentices that not only have the technical skills necessary to work to a high level, but also the broader life skills:

“It’s important as part of the apprenticeship journey for us to help the learners grow in all aspects of their lives. The training and employment are core elements of the apprenticeship but as a group we look to support our apprentices with arrange of softer skills. Health and wellbeing initiatives that give guidance on healthy eating, nutrition and the importance of it when working often unsociable hours is important for them to be ready to learn and take on the challenges the rail industry can bring, enabling them to grow throughout their journey.”

Earlier this year, our Morson Training engineering apprentices embarked on a six-week training course with Eleven Nexus, a fitness company based out of a state-of-the-art gym. This formed part of our wider support for health and wellbeing.

In 2018, Morson Training won best apprenticeship at the Transport for London Supplier Awards

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