#BreastFest comes to Morson! Proud to host Prevent Breast Cancer awareness event

James Kenealey blog

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  • Prevent Breast Cancer bring their #BreastFest event to Morson

  • The campaign, part of our larger health and wellbeing programme aims to raise awareness of breast cancer and the benefits of regular checks 

Morson hosted our first ever Prevent Breast Cancer event to raise awareness of breast cancer.

On Thursday 3rd October 2019 Prevent Breast Cancer’s Boobee Bus toured Morson’s three Manchester offices as part of #BreastFest, offering talks and advice to Morson Group employees. A spokeswoman for Prevent Breast Cancer said:

“We just want to raise awareness because there are so many women out there who don’t check themselves regularly and they don’t go for screenings. We need to get it across to people that the numbers are going up.”

One in nine women are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

“I went through it through finding a lump and I don’t want anyone to go through what I had to go through with it. We’re going round and letting people learn about the signs and symptoms. We’ve got check cards to show people what to look out for and gives them the information to give them an idea of what to look out for. We can also answer certain questions or refer them on to a GP if they’re really worried.”

The Boobee Bus will be touring around the Manchester area over the coming months to promote the awareness to ensure women get checked out earlier rather than later.

“We’re trying to prevent it rather than cure it. Screening doesn’t start until 47 and we’re trying to get the age down to even 35 because there are more young women being diagnosed every day. I was only 41 when I was diagnosed so I was below screening age. If people can find the lumps earlier, we can cut down on the number of women who are diagnosed too late.”

After visiting the Morson Projects office in Irlam, the BooBee Bus headed to Morson Group head office and members of the team presented an hour long talk about the early signs of the illness. It then headed across to Vital Human Resources where employees boarded the bus and spoke with the representatives.

Andy Robinson, Operations and Apprenticeship Manager at Morson Vital Training, was among them:

“Things like this are really important to people. Breast cancer is a big thing in my family. My wife’s family have the BRCA1 gene so the more people who know about it and what to look for, the more people that are able to check themselves properly. It will save lives.”

#BreastFest forms part of a larger focus by the Morson Group on health and wellbeing. Previous events have covered mental health, while a future event will see the focus shift to male-specific cancers.

For those who missed the talk, a full recording is available below: