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Morson feature on SIA Fastest Growing US Staffing Companies list

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  • Morson ranks among the SIA Fastest Growing Staffing Companies in the USA

  • With a key focus in aerospace, our North American presence was recently bolstered by the acquisition of CTSNA based in Canada

Morson has been listed in the Staffing Industry Analysts report for Fastest Growing U.S Staffing Companies 2019.

Sitting in 23rd, the positioning reflects a compound annual growth rate of 46.1% and a revenue of $23.3million in 2018.

Arthur Mecom, head of operations for Morson’s US presence and based out of Houston, Texas, spoke about their business offering and its relationship with the UK markets:

“From an industry perspective it’s comparable to what the core of Morson in the UK and Europe is. Our focus has been leveraging global relationships with clients in aerospace and defence, energy, and IT. That’s where we’ve seen growth. We want to get to the point where we’re not only supplying engineers but also professional services and the full scope of an organisation’s requirements.”

In 2018, Morson Group acquired CTSNA, headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. This acquisition provides the business with the opportunity to grow and expand further, as Arthur explains:

“CTSNA up in Canada have a background in telecoms and nuclear power. There’s also a lot of crossover between Canadian and US organisations as well as the candidate market place. In Canada and the US it’s common for people to go from one country to another for different job opportunities so a linking operation for our clients is ideal.”

Phil Power is based out of Irvine, California and together with Arthur has been developing Morson’s presence in North America for the last four years.

“Aerospace has historically been the biggest, mainly on the West Coast. We also support a lot of manufacturing within those aerospace clients. We’ve set the locations up, including another in Florida, on the East Coast, to fit client needs.”

Arthur points towards the future of Morson’s sector coverage, drawing on the existing talent pool for brand new sectors.

“While we don’t have a presence in the sector yet, with our positioning on the ‘Space Coast’ of Florida and being close to the Johnson Space Centre in Houston, the future could potentially see us expanding into the growing space and space tourism industries. They’re also looking at building a space port in Houston, one of the airports for the 3,500mph rocket travel system run by commercial organisations with ties to NASA.”  

There are also exciting projects in the USA that have never been done before in the country but that Morson have UK experience with. As Phil remarks:

“There’s looking to be an off-shore wind project off the East Coast which has never been done before. These are projects that require global expertise and also the ability to leverage the existing talent pool in the US with any and all transferable skillsets.”

In the short-term, Morson USA aims to grow further in aerospace, leveraging the successes of existing clients to further develop.

“There’s a goal of growing organically as well as acquisitions where we find like-minded organisations. We also want to align the historic Morson International presence in North America with CTSNA to create one presence. There’s a lot of crossover between Canadian and US organisations, and it’s common for candidates to move between countries for job opportunities. A linking operation like ours would be ideal for our clients.”

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