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Morson shortlisted for the Recruiter Investing in Talent Awards 2019

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  • Morson shortlisted in Recruiter Investing in Talent Awards for mental health strategy

  • Shortlisting is fourth within a week for the business

​Morson has been shortlisted for the Recruiter Investing in Talent Awards for the category of Most Innovative Benefit.

The shortlisting, which is for Morson’s health and wellbeing strategy surrounding mental health, is the company’s fourth in a week, following the APSCo CSR Initiative of the Year, Manchester Evening News Business of the Year, and Best Talent Technology in the Building Innovation Awards.

Morson are up against MRL Consulting Group for the accolade, with the winners being announced at The Brewery in London on 31st October.

The Morson Group’s MorFit strategies, a Group-wide initiative that previously focused on physical health, began expanding in November 2018 to feature all-new components to address multiple aspects of mental wellbeing to significantly improve the complete health of Morson employees.

The creation process, however, began in the months leading up to the formal launch. To further drive the health and wellbeing strategy, the business appointed a dedicated health, wellbeing and engagement partner. Consultations and focus groups were conducted across the business to help the Morson Group better understand where mental health was positioned as a priority, what was already being done, and where any barriers may have been hindering progress.

From this information, Morson’s MorFit strategies were created according to a holistic approach, with ambitious targets set over various components relating to employee wellbeing, from physical and mental health to financial wellbeing and more.

Morson have recognised that any working environment has the potential to exacerbate mental illness and that many areas in which the company operates may have stress-inducing factors, such as rapid working pace, physical demands and delivery deadlines.

Morson’s ‘Mental Health First Aider’ programme targets mental illness, which can have a devastating impact on day-to-day life, such as depression, anxiety, stress, panic attacks and addictive behaviours, and was designed to promote early recognition and response, in addition to promoting good mental health.

download the mental health toolkit

Since it began, the initiative has trained its first aiders to spot red flags and take steps to offer assistance and guidance. Typical indications that a person’s mental health may be at risk include a change in personality, appearance or attitude to work.

The names and contact information of all first aiders were posted across every UK office, of which there are almost 50, and shared via email. The presence of first aiders has been promoted widely to raise awareness and to encourage a dialogue around mental health, bringing it out of the shadows and shaking off the enduring taboo surrounding it.

While the campaign initiated with 20 first aiders, this has since swelled to 40, ensuring that all employees have access to a first aider within a 45-minute commute. In future, the company plans to train 80 individuals.

The company also instituted its ‘Balls to That’ campaign, built around a mental health awareness session hosted by the Sale Sharks Community Trust, and augmented its offering with counselling services, stress management and support in the management of workplace pressures.

Find out more about our commitment to good mental health in the workplace