Kieran Farrell previews upcoming show with Joe Gallagher's M22 Promotions

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  • Kieran looks ahead to brother, Nathan's second pro fight this weekend

  • Discusses partnership with Joe Gallagher's M22 Promotions

A busy few weeks await Kieran Farrell after a period that has been filled with great joy but also great sadness. Kieran’s brother, Nathan Farrell made his long awaited professional debut and won convincingly on the biggest possible stage last month. After seeing his brother go through years of physical and mental pain, Kieran was delighted to see Nathan get the opportunity to showcase his talents that had so long eluded him:

“Because it was such a long time coming, it was really nice to see him in the ring and make that accomplishment of having his first professional fight. As for the performance itself, I was pleased by it, he kept his cool and composure and looked really good doing it”

The performance even caught the eye of world renowned promoter, Eddie Hearn, who praised both Kieran and his brother in a recent interview with Seconds Out:

“I think Kieran Farrell does a really good job for fighters, talk about me working hard, these guys have so much passion for the sport. He’s managing fighters and I wish him and his brother all the best”

Nathan returns on a packed bill this Sunday co-promoted by his brother and Joe Gallagher’s M22 Promotions. Unfortunately, both will enter the show with a heavy heart, as long time corner man and close friend, John Donaghy sadly passed away earlier this month:

“Eight weeks before this fight we had him down to corner again, I wouldn’t have asked anybody else anyway. There are people that can help on the night but it’s not going to be the same, it’ll be one of the first events John won’t be there. Everything gelled, I would stick my hand out behind me and John would put the vaseline on my hand to put on the fighter’s face, that’s not going to happen now, I’ll stick my hand out and John won’t be there. There hasn’t been a day since his passing that I haven’t spoke about him because whether John knew it or not, he played a massive role in our lives. It’s a really sad thing and he’ll be forever remembered by all our team. I know he’s looking down and saying go for it, he shone a positive light on all of us”

This weekend will be the second show Joe and Kieran will have hosted together and Kieran discussed how this partnership came to be, after early disputes between the pair back in Kieran’s boxing days as rivals:

“Obviously I had a bit of past with Joe, we only had a bit of an argument before I fought Crolla and he actually explained the reason behind that was to take my eye off Crolla and put it on himself. Since then we made up and everything’s been good, me and Joe talk regularly now and are putting on these shows which are well received. Last time we had Stephen Smith on, who’s a two-time world title challenger, this time we’ve got the likes of Sam Hyde, Marcus Morrison and Paul Butler on and my brother gets to mix with these guys on that card which is only going to progress him"

With former world champions and up and coming young stars already attracting eyes to Joe and Kieran's shows, the two have big goals for the future in terms of the magnitude of shows they are looking to host down the line:

“We spoke on the phone and he just said keep aiming high, I know Joe wants to do the Manchester Arena and I would love to do a show there as well. We’ve both know how to run a show and work with the boxing side of things, I think we can do it together”

Speaking of huge shows, an unexpected one to many in the sport is the rematch of YouTubers, Logan Paul and KSI. Now backed by Matchroom boxing and under a professional environment, the grudge match is set to be one of the biggest fights of the year. Kieran previously worked as a corner man for YouTube star Momo on the undercard of the first fight and he weighed in on the controversy surrounding the match:

“I wouldn’t call them professional boxers, that is disrespectful to the lads who have been around the sport for years and worked their way up to that because it is an achievement to become a professional fighter. Personally, I do think it’s good for boxing that they’re on these shows because it does bring another set of fans to the sport and it brings a lot of kids into boxing"

He continued:

“When I was working on the first fight, all the kids I train couldn’t believe I was cornering YouTube star Momo and wrapping Logan Paul’s hands. They were buzzing with it, like I said it brings kids to boxing”

We wish Kieran, Joe and Nathan all the best this Sunday on what promises to be another memorable show.