Nathan Farrell prepares for huge debut on Eddie Hearn's Liverpool card

Jamal Niaz Nathan Farrell



  • Nathan discusses his adversity filled year that has led to this weekend 

  • Relationship with brother, Kieran who will be in his corner on the big stage

After defying the odds to overcome years of depression and a career-threatening knee injury, Nathan Farrell finally finds himself ready to make his pro boxing debut in dream style, as he features on Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom show in Liverpool this weekend. The Heywood born fighter displayed his excitement of being featured on one of the world’s biggest promoter’s shows, but he remains focused on what lies ahead:

“I just feel blessed by the opportunity. I didn’t plan for any of this but to actually go and box on a guy like Eddie Hearn’s show and he may be there watching, that’s a bonus for me. As great as it is, it doesn’t change my motive and for me the biggest motivation is the task ahead”

At the beginning of 2019 Farrell discussed the setbacks he faced over the years and this year has also been filled with adversity. Nathan's debut was first scheduled for March, only for him not to be granted a license in time and the huge Manchester Matchroom show he was subsequently invited to compete on was cancelled due to the headline bout falling through. Despite the pain at the time, these experiences have only made Nathan stronger:

“Since the start of the year, every day I’ve thought about it. I’ve had my cancellations and I need this monkey off my back, that’s what it feels like because it’s been on my back for a long time. I know I couldn’t have competed whilst I was depressed and injured and when I was training fighters I was telling myself ‘You have to fight again, you can’t do what you’ve done and not fight again’”


Having shown eye-catching talent at amateur level, Nathan felt his boxing setbacks affected his brother in a strong way as well:

“I felt with Kieran, there was always something but I couldn’t figure what it was, he always used to give me funny looks and I used to always think it was because I had so much potential and it came to nothing, I always thought it bugged Kieran”

Team Morson's Kieran Farrell has been training Nathan since the beginning of the year and his passion for his brother’s journey shines through, with his love for coaching fighters being rejuvenated as a result:

“With the training I never loved it, I loved training the kids but it’s only until I started training my brother and a few good fighters it’s given me a second wind. I feel like I’m ready for it now as well”


The People’s Gym fighter gave a glimpse of what type of fighter fans in Liverpool can expect on August 2nd :

"I’m like a juggernaut, my work comes off my defence and I land my punches off my defence. I just know my way around the ring, I can control who’s in front of me quite well. If I have to step back twice I’ll step back, I’ll know if I need to put them on the back foot. Once I find my rhythm I’m comfortable in there”

Finally, Nathan addressed how he sees his debut going Friday night:

“I’m competitive, I’ll rise to the occasion, I will not fall. In all my amateur fights, I never had an off night, I stood up and did my thing and August 2nd won’t be any different. I see myself relaxing into the fight and with small gloves, I do feel like I have power. I can see myself landing clean punches and troubling the man. I’ll be lying if I said I didn’t want to finish the fight before the final bell”

It is incredibly admirable how both Nathan and Kieran Farrell have overcome adversity and turned it into success over the years and we at Morson wish Nathan the best of luck on such a big occasion.

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