Gorman vs Dubois | Nathan Gorman and Ricky Hatton Give Exclusive In-Depth Preview Of Saturday's Huge Heavyweight Clash

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  • Nathan Gorman and Ricky Hatton preview Saturday's Superfight

  • The young Heavyweight delves deep into the history of his rivalry with Dubois

  • Hatton compares the fight to the biggest night's of his career

After years of anticipation, the much-hyped heavyweight bout between Team Morson’s Nathan Gorman and Daniel Dubois is finally happening this weekend in a huge headliner at the O2 Arena. We caught up with Gorman in camp and he shed light on the moment he realised the fight was finally taking place:

“Truthfully, I was in hospital with my little boy he had pneumonia in late April and I got a call saying that they were thinking about making the Daniel fight. It took me no more than ten seconds to say ‘yeah no problem, tell me when and where and we’ll do it’ and everything’s all signed sealed and delivered and we’re looking to get ready to rumble”

Gorman is grateful that promoter, Frank Warren matched up the two highly rated prospects whilst both are young, have a huge amount of momentum and it not becoming another ‘What If?’ story in a sport where it is notoriously difficult for the best to fight the best:

“You see a lot of prospects dodging each other, all the fights that should have happened didn’t happen. Khan and Kell Brook should have happened four or five years ago but it never did. It’s a very good move, Frank knows what he’s doing, he did it with Groves and Degale a few years ago and both became World Champions. It’s a fight I’m really prepared for, I’m going to leave no stone unturned”

Coach, Ricky Hatton discussed his thoughts on Dubois being perceived as the favourite by a substantial number of fans and how he dealt with being the underdog on a famous night in his career:

“A lot of people think Daniel is the favourite, he’s been getting more coverage in the media and people will think Daniel’s the favourite. When I fought Kostya Tzsyu, everyone thought he was going to be the favourite and that he was going to flatten me in four rounds. I thought ‘You What? You cheeky so and so’s’ You wouldn’t believe what fire that gives you when people are getting more respect than you, when you know you’re better than them”

The rivalry between the two youngsters has flared in recent years but the Hatton’s gym fighter explained how the feud goes back further than people think:

“Me and Daniel have known each other for years, we were both in the GB squad. When I first met him, we were in the Three Nations together and we both won the youth ABAs. I won Gold at the Three Nations and he won Silver. From there we both got in the GB squad and we were kind of bitter rivals then because he was telling me he was going to go up to Super-Heavyweight and when someone is saying that in your squad, he’s in your way”

He continued:

“We started sharing rooms together etc and we didn’t get along, it was a proper personality clash. He’s very within himself and doesn’t say much whereas I’m very outgoing and speak to a lot of people. We sparred 200-300 rounds together and every spar we wanted to do damage

Pre-fight mental warfare can sometimes determine the winner of a bout even before a single punch is thrown and with the obvious animosity between the two British Heavyweights, it’s clear that this may very well be key heading into this clash.  Gorman is surrounded by numerous current and ex-fighters that can more than hold their own in the trash talking department but none more so than Tyson Fury:

“He’s the king of mind games, Tyson is the perfect salesman. When you see him doing interviews you can see the aura around him and the way he conducts himself and everything. He’s very good”

Gorman has been put through his paces by Hatton in the biggest camp of his life and the former World Champion is no stranger to representing Morson on a global stage, he gave his thoughts on how Nathan will fare in his first major main event:

“Nathan has great upper body movement, great Boxing ability, great hand speed and people with none of those abilities have been able to nail Dubois. Nathan will have no problem landing against Daniel, when he does nail him he’s got to throw the punches with bad intentions, he’s got to throw to knock him out”

Finally, Nathan gave an insight into how he sees the fight going tomorrow night whilst keeping his cards close to his chest:

“I have the game plan sunk into my head for a number of weeks…. I’m gonna win, how I win depends on the night. It might be a knockout or a hands down points victory boxing masterclass”

This weekend promises to be massive for both Nathan and Morson and we wish him and Ricky the best of luck.