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100 Miles In A Day | The Morson Charity Bike Ride 2019

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  • On Friday 14th June 2019, 20 Morson employees embarked on the annual charity bike ride

  • This year saw them take on a '100 Miles In A Day' challenge from Salford to Southport and back

On Friday 14th June, 20 employees of Morson embarked on the annual charity bike ride to raise money for our 2019 charities, The Soldier's Charity and Motor Neurone Disease Association.

While the annual bike ride usually takes place over an entire weekend, this year the challenge was to ride 100 miles in a single day - from our Salford head office to Southport and back again.

This proved to be a different challenge to previous years. When taking part over several days, the riders cycle roughly 60 miles a day, but this time they had to dig deep and find some extra strength to complete the ride. We spoke to Head of Marketing Rebekah Lee, Resourcer Carrisa Armstrong and FCO Account Manager Carl Pollitt about their experiences. 

How did you prepare?

Rebekah: Is this question meant to be ironic?! After being peer pressured into the bike ride by Charlie Halkyard and Vic Doherty whilst minding my own business at the printer… with 48 hours to go there was little time to prepare. My preparation consisted of finding a bike and helmet to borrow, moisturising my legs (seemed sensible) and a 30 second practise ride up and down the underground car park just before we set off.   
Carrisa: I did four recent bike rides before tackling the 100 miles, the most being 25miles so not much preparation!
Carl: I did as much cycling as possible beforehand, on same terrain if possible. I cycle into work as well. 

Which part of the ride did you find the most challenging?

Rebekah: Hills are not my friend. Apart from the obvious physical challenges the most demanding part is psychological. There was one part where we went 7 miles in the wrong direction and had to double back over a very bumpy canal path (ouch!), once your head goes it’s challenging to rally and recover. 
Carrisa: The most challenging part of the bike ride for me was the last 20 mile stretch from Hale Village to the Rope & Anchor, I was running out of energy and starting to realise I had not done enough preparation!
Carl: For me, definitely some of the canal tow path ride because of the recent weather and the last 25/30 miles due to tiredness/exhaustion.

What was your favourite part?

Rebekah: It truly is a team effort. You meet so many people from different areas of the business and different seniorities who you know to varying degrees – once you get on the bike you feel such a sense of team spirit. #TeamMorson are the best... Never mind this smushy stuff my actual favourite part was my pint at the Rope and Anchor pub. 
Carrisa: The team support was fantastic! Also the feeling of actually completing the 100 miles.
Carl: I'd say the ride from Southport/Crosby coastline was really great along with the general team spirit.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to take part next year?

Rebekah: Simples. Wear 3, 4 even 5 pairs of padded shorts… seriously… there’s no pain quite like it. I’ve only just recovered.
Carissa: Based on my experience, lots of preparation and plenty of food and drink! It's also a good idea to bring a change of clothes because of the unpredictable weather!
Carl: Definitely start preparing/cycling now! Make sure you have the right bike/ tyres and clothing and get ready for one physically draining rewarding challenge which is great fun as well.

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