Coach Crolla | Anthony Crolla Follows In Joe Gallagher's Footsteps As He Makes Trainer Debut!

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  • Morson ambassador Anthony Crolla launches training career with Dylan Evans' victory over Michael Horabin.

  • Mancunian boxer speaks to us about getting help from his own trainer and whether there's another fight night to come for him.

Morson ambassador, Anthony Crolla ventured down a path on the other side of the ropes this weekend as he made his debut as a trainer at Kieran Farrell’s latest promotional show. Under Crolla’s wing was 22- year old up and comer Dylan Evans, who made it a successful first night under the lights for his coach as he defeated the very game Michael Horabin over four hard fought rounds.

Crolla exclusively gave Morson TV his assessment of Dylan’s performance:

“I’m happy, he went asleep a bit in the third round and took a few stupid shots but he was never in any trouble, he was always in control of the fight. Other than being annoyed about that I’m happy. It’s the first time he’s out in 18 months, he’s a joy to train and you can see the sort of condition he’s in, he could do 12 rounds now!”

Anthony has been a part of Dylan’s life for a number of years and he discussed how their partnership came to be:

“We’ve known each other from way back, he’s one of my good friends, we went to the same school and he’s boxed from the amateur club. He talked to me about wanting to come back in to Boxing as he had his first fight eighteen months ago but due to work commitments had to give up”

He continued:

“I just wanted to see if he was serious so I said do six to eight weeks in the gym and come back to me and he’s done everything that’s asked of him. I can’t fault him and it’s onwards and upwards from here”

Despite it being Crolla’s first night as a coach, he was no stranger to cornering duties, having helped out Joe Gallagher with many of his teammates over the years. The Gallagher’s Gym fighter shed light on how differently he viewed the sport from his role on Saturday:

“I’ve said this for a number of years. When you’re in the corner with Joe you see the fight differently and it helps me see what Joe sees when I’m fighting. I’m learning all the time, as a coach I’m a very inexperienced coach but I’m under a very good coach in Joe Gallagher”

Recording his first win as a trainer has led many to question whether this will be Crolla’s immediate career path, especially after he didn’t confirm whether he was going to compete again after the recent defeat to Vasily Lomachenko. However, the former WBA Lightweight Champion gave us a glimpse direction his in ring career is heading:

“I don’t know what my decision is going to be as a coach whether I take on more fighters. There’s going to be another night for me later in the year but I am enjoying it”

A farewell at the Manchester Arena would be an amazing end to an incredible career for Morson’s Anthony Crolla and if this weekend is any indication, it looks like he may have a future just as bright outside the ring.