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We’ve Translated Our Website into Over 100 Different Languages… Because Everyone Should Have the Opportunity to Find Their Dream Job

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morson accessibility


  • We chat to Vice President of Morson Canada, Warren Bennett about how Morson recruits for roles in different languages.

  • Find out what we’re doing to make it easier for none English speakers to find a job with Morson.

Demand for candidates who speak two or more languages is rapidly increasing and companies need bilingual candidates a variety of high-skilled positions.

Morson has been active in the Canadian recruitment market since 1980, giving us a proven track record spanning over 30 years. In Canada, French is the mother tongue of about 7.2 million Canadians (20.6% of the Canadian population).  Our expert recruitment teams operate from our main office in Toronto, Ontario and our satellite office in Victoria, British Columbia and have a wealth of experience working with candidates that may not have English as their first language.

Our teams of specialist recruiters deliver skills across all provinces and use our extensive candidate database and the latest candidate attraction techniques to find highly skilled personnel for work on exciting projects across the country.

morson accessibility
To find out more about how Morson recruits in different languages, we spoke to Vice President of Morson Canada, Warren Bennett… 

How many applicants do you come across who don’t have English as their first language?

Over 20% of our recruits do not have English as their first language and the majority of these have French as their native language. Most of these French native speakers live in Quebec where French is the majority official language. 

What techniques do you use to attract bilingual candidates?

At Morson, we have a strong network with eight languages spoken throughout our offices which we can utilise when necessary. We translate documents, have trained translators, share translated job ads – we do everything to ensure the process is as easy for the candidate as possible.

The ReciteMe technology recently implemented will enhance this proposition, by allowing candidates with many different first languages, not only French, to access and apply for our roles online. 

What are some of the challenges you encounter when recruiting bilingual candidates and how do you ensure you can overcome them?

Having the language skills is only one part of their role.  Sourcing the correct skills and attitude is just as important so sourcing these specific roles is where our network plays a big role. search morson jobs

Have you spent anytime living abroad using your language skills in your personal life?

I’m a Brit living in Canada and I’ve also worked in Italy, Hungary and also Ireland. My language skills were minimal when I first started but as much as language skills are important, an appreciation of cultures is needed when working abroad. 

I now have a working knowledge and I have picked up enough words and phrases to ensure I get by.

In your opinion, is there anything recruitment agencies need to do to make their processes more accessible to people who may not have English as their first language?

For Morson as key factor is that we must ensure that our documentation is easily translated.  

Our website is key with Canada having both French and English as an official language we need to ensure that we reach audiences beyond the English-speaking provinces.  Other than that our office plays a major role in being able to speak in languages other than English.  Forming a more personal connection and understanding what the candidates wants is key and conversing in their first language is important.

We’ve Translated Our Website…

We’ve implemented ReciteMe, an innovative cloud-based web accessibility tool that lets you customise how your website looks offering a suite of accessibility tools, including solutions for visitors with dyslexia, visual impairment and learning difficulties. We’re using this innovative technology to help make recruitment accessible to everyone and ensure that our content is inclusive for everyone.

One of ReciteMe’s main features is that it has the ability to change the text to over 100 different languages on your website to make it easier for none English speakers to read.

Check out the example below!

To find out more about our Morson Equals Opportunities campaign and to search our latest jobs using ReciteMe’s accessibility software, click here